The Styles You Should Necessarily Consider Before Buying Your Next Gazebo

The Styles You Should Necessarily Consider Before Buying Your Next Gazebo

Just like a soulmate, there is always a tent for everyone. But at times it can get daunting with more than 10 million options out there. Pop up tents range from 1.5X1.5m go up to 6X6m with the 3×3 marquee being most commonly employed.

The most frequent request that customers have with pop up tents is that their 3X3 gazebo or 4X4 gazebo be as easy to set up as the name suggests but not look like…you know…A pop-up tent. It sounds a little peculiar, borderline funny, but it’s true. They don’t want to fit in but stand out.

Keeping that in mind, Extreme Marquees have up come with five ranges of folding marquees suited to your every need so that you are not left scratching your head picking an event Buy Gazebos or the task of choosing your next event marquee seems a little less daunting.

1.The True Blue X5 Range: The Extreme Marquees’ X5 True Blue is the most sought after marquee in Australia owing to their superior quality. The X5 True Blue dons a heavy-duty 600D, UV50+ PVC coated polyester roof which is both waterproof and provides SPF 50+ UV protection. It comes with 45mm hexagonal steel frame and 26mm curved truss bars for additional support. These state of the art marquees come with durable nylon connectors, roof tensioning and strong steel feet. These are available in six standard roof colours and two frame colours with custom printing options available. Extreme Marquees also provide a commercial standard wheeled carry bag along with the X5 so that it is convenient for you to carry around. The 3×3 marquee of this variant weighs only 30kg’s. So without a care in the world, feel free to plan your next weekend trip or family luncheon with the extreme marquee X5 True Blue party marquee. To download specifications, click:

2.The X6 Range: The extreme marquees X6 range is reliable in all kinds of weather, be it scorching heat, pouring rain, or merely a windy day. They feature a robust 45mm hexagonal profile with reinforced truss bars so that you don’t have to worry about your roof blowing off or collapsing. The canopy is 600D, UV 50+ PVC coated polyester canopy which can sustain years of extreme outdoor activity with ease. The best part about the X6 range is that despite all the heavy-duty elements that constitute it, it remains incredibly light and easy to carry. It comes in two frame styles Standard and Compact, up to five sizes, ten roof colours and custom printing options available. The compact frame of the X6 ensures that it folds down as high as 1100mm, which fits most sedans. 3×3 gazebo of this variant weighs 25.5 kg’s for the Polyester roof, and 29.5 kg’s for the PVC roof. These are ideal for sports carnivals, pop-up businesses and outdoor events or promotions. To download specifications, click:

3.The X7 Range: Considered as the best marquee available, the Extreme Marquees X7 range is the most heavy-duty pop up gazebo on the market with strength and durability like no other. This behemoth of marquee derives its strength from huge 57mm hexagonal aluminium frame profile and robust 36x18mm inch truss bars. Every connector on the XT is made up of extruded aluminium, ensuring that these tents withstand the toughest test of weathers. The X7 comes with PVC coated polyester roofs for all-weather protection. They also feature galvanized steel feet; plastic coated pull rings and state of the art roof tensioning. You can estimate the strength of these tents by virtue of the fact that the frame of the smallest 3×3 gazebo of this variant weighs 33kg’s with polyester roof weighing 7kg’s and PVC roofs weighing 11kg. The X7’s are available in six sizes, up to ten roof colours and custom printing options. These are ideal for heavy-duty professional and leisurely use. To download specifications, click:

The Q8 Quasar Range:  The Extreme Marquees Q8 Quasar range is the most technologically advanced and innovative instant heavy-duty pop up gazebo in the world which sports an advanced all aluminium frame. These Q8’s offer state of the art design and functionality. The telling feature of this range is the four groove technology which provides a streamlined method to attach and slide in Keder walls, half wall bars, aluminium partitions and other professional exhibitor marquee accessories which give you customization options like no other. 3×3 marquee of this variant weighs 44 kg’s for the Polyester roof, and 51kg’s for the PVC roof. These are destined for ultimate professional summits. To download specifications, click:

5.Summit Classic Range: As the name suggests, this is Extreme Marquees’ ultimate flagship range. Since 2004, the Extreme Marquees have sold over 100,000 Units worldwide, and that speaks volumes of the appeal and popularity of these marquees. The summit is held together by high-tech 2mm thick 40mm T5 6005 hardened aluminium square leg frame along with extruded aluminium connectors, reinforced inner legs which offer unparalleled reliability and strength. The 3X3 gazebo of this variant weighs 36 kg’s for polyester and 40 kg’s PVC roof. Summit marquees are available in seven sizes, up to ten roof colours and with custom printing options. To download specifications, click:

Marquees are the best in business and so are their pop up tents. So if you are looking for the highest quality, cost-effective and utterly reliable tents for sale, make sure you visit or call 1300 850 832.

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