Take Command of Your North Carolina Move With These 10 Tips

Take Command of Your North Carolina Move With These 10 Tips

It’s understandable if you feel lost during your relocation. You might be asking yourself if you should use storage or not, what supplies to get… There are just so many things to learn and to do, so it can be easy to get stuck. However, it’s not hard to take command of your North Carolina move with these 10 tips. Actually, you’ll find out that you’re more than capable to handle this move the way that you should.

1. Keep your eye on the prize – North Carolina move is something to look forward

First of all, keep your mind on the goal, because the sights in North Carolina are something magnificent. Wonderful coastlines, breathtaking mountains will be enough to leave you in awe. But, that ‘s not all – add good weather and job market full of opportunities and low cost of living. Also, did you know that North Carolina claims to be the most military-friendly state in the whole country? And on top of this, there are great moving companies here that offer moving assistance for military personnel. With all of this, one thing is for sure – your North Carolina move might be one of the best things you’ve ever done.

Bunn Lake in North Caroline

2. Start planning as soon as possible

Hopefully, you’ll know about your North Carolina move months in advance, so create a plan. Your plan should include:

  • an approximate timeline for each specific task
  • a list of all the tasks
  • all of the contacts important for your North Carolina move
  • a determined budget


3. Consider finding help

You should consider asking friends and family to help you with your move. However, it’s different getting help from professionals, like the ones at statetostatemove.com. A reliable moving company such as this one can make the whole process much easier and smoother for you. This way you won’t be the only person taking care of your relocation. Also, consider using storage facilities, cleaners or the help of other companies and book them earlier.

4. Start packing early

Some people consider packing tedious, so they don’t want to go through it until the last moment. However, if you start earlier, you can pack while taking a break from something else. Do a corner at a time, or a room at a time and start packing the items you won’t be needing anytime soon. Have the items from one room packed only in certain boxes, don’t get the boxes and rooms mixed up. Create a system with colors and labels. Make a list of all of the items packed so that you are able to know the exact box where a specific item is packed. Finally, if you start earlier, you won’t have to think if you got everything packed before your relocation.

5. Declutter before your North Carolina move

Packing is overwhelming, so the fewer things to pack – the better. That’s why you should get rid of everything you don’t need. Simply ask yourself if you have used a certain item during the last year and if the answer is negative, get rid of it. You can either:

  • sell it – you can organize a garage sale, or sell it online
  • recycle it – even furniture can be recycled
  • throw it away

You’ll feel relieved once you get rid of all the unnecessary belongings. Also, you’ll have more space in your new apartment, so it’s a win-win scenario.

6. Find quality moving and packing supplies

A couple of days before the move, get more than enough of moving supplies. Better to have a bit more than necessary, than to find out at the last minute that you don’t have enough. You can find free boxes from the local stores. Also, for your glassware, try to get some boxes from the local liquor stores. But, keep in mind that not all of the boxes are the same. So, take your time to find the best boxes for the move. You’ll also need:

  • packing material (packing peanuts, styrofoam, blister pack, packing paper)
  • scissors and duct tape
  • ropes
  • other similar packing supplies.
5 cardboard boxes

Not all of the boxes are the same. Choose the best ones for your North Carolina move!

7. Be careful with the fragile items

When packing the fragile and valuable items, make sure to fill in the empty space in the box with packing materials. The items should get in contact neither with each other nor with the walls of the box. Also, fixate it with duct tape, so that you prevent it from moving. To be safe, put that box inside of a bigger box and pack the smaller box the same way that you had packed your item.

8. Don’t forget about the essentials bag

Just before your move, pack the essentials in a special bag or a box that you’ll carry with yourself. It should contain:

  • chargers and, maybe a laptop
  • important documents
  • a change of clothes
  • basic toiletries
  • toys for your kids or pets
  • some snacks
  • maybe even clean sheets for the first night in your new apartment

9. Have your new apartment ready before your North Carolina move

Have your new apartment clean before the day of your move, if that’s possible. More, importantly, make sure to have gas, electricity, water, and internet up and running in your new place the day you arrive. Call the providers, and schedule it before the moving day. Also, you should make sure to cancel these on the final day at your current home.

10. Keep it positive

It’s easy to get stuck in your thoughts and plans on the big day. But, after planning everything out, try to remain present throughout the process. However, if you still get lost in your thoughts, especially in the thoughts that don’t serve you, try to change them. Acknowledge the fact that you’re doing this North Carolina move in order to make your life better. But also, become aware that you don’t have to wait until you reach your destination to become happy. Why postpone this feeling, if you can try to enjoy the moving process itself? After all, it can be both about the journey and the destination.

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