The Advantages of Roman Blinds

The Advantages of Roman Blinds

If you really want to add a classic style to your home, I can only recommend Roman blinds. This is the type of blinds that are made from a single piece of material that is rolled into folds.

Roman blinds were invented for the first time (you can guess by the name) in ancient Rome. Or at least, that’s the myth. Actually, they were probably invented somewhere in the Mediterranean (where they are still extremely popular, by the way), and then they were popularized by the Romans. They were then taken back to the world of western windows by the Victorians, who worshiped their neoclassical decorations.

The true beauty of Roman blinds is that you can really do them with what you want. Thick material or thin material, all will function as Roman blinds. And you can also make them with any type of fabric, from finely spun silk to less impressive but more durable plastic. Linen and cotton are the most popular materials that people make today, although paper blinds are also becoming increasingly popular.

Obviously, you can buy ready-made Roman blinds and ready to hang. Standard, in the standard model or, if you feel more about money, as a custom blind. But a growing number of people are starting to make their own Roman blinds at home.

How you do it really depends on your level of DIY. If you are ready for a real challenge, you can do them from scratch, buying your material (both for the blind and for a separate lining), cutting all the material to size and then adjusting it a pin before hanging it on your window. For the less adventurous or less experienced, there is the possibility of buying a Roman Blind DIY kit. Basically, you get a box full of all the materials you’ll need to build your blinds; All you really have to do is provide the screwdrivers, scissors, etc. and then assemble and hang them in the window frame.

Roman blinds, by the way, are not just a great option for home windows. They are also an excellent option to cover conservatories, which have large extensions of glass, waiting to be covered. However, if you want to cover a full terrace or solarium, make sure you get reflective blinds of reasonable quality and use them to hold your Roman blinds, as this will do a lot to keep sunlight and keep are great.

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