The Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

The Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

Florida is a very popular moving destination for dozens of reasons. The amazing weather, great housing options, plenty of job opportunities, good schools, amazing nightlife. These are just some of the things people who live in Florida can brag about. And if you want to join, moving to Florida is always an available option. That is if you have the money. Florida isn’t an expensive state but it is more expensive than some other states in the country. And if you want to move to Florida but you are on a budget, you don’t have to worry. Florida has plenty of cheap places where you can move to. And if that is exactly what you were hoping to find, you came to the right place. I did all the research so you don’t have to. Here is where you can read everything you need to know about some of the cheapest places to live in Florida to consider moving to.

Kissimmee – the number one on the list of the cheapest places to live in Florida

This is a town that has a very interesting name but it is also a very interesting town to live in. Kissimmee is where you will find one of the 5 best amusement parks in the U.S., which makes it a perfect place for those of you who are planning on having children and raising a family. This amusement park also attracts plenty of tourists and people from all over the country. I am of course talking about Walt Disney World.

Disney World

To me, this sounds like a perfect place for starting your own business. Starting a business where there are a lot of tourists is never a bad idea especially if it is a retail business. And as Florida has nice weather almost throughout the whole year and there are tourists here all the time, this truly is an amazing place for those of you who are planning on becoming business owners. Later on, you can organize a business relocation to Miami.

The amusement park isn’t the only place where you and your family could have fun. This is a town with plenty of nature as well as a big lake. This means that there are numerous outdoor activity options for you and your family. Kissimmee is an affordable town to live in. Housing is cheap, groceries are cheap too, and so are other amenities. So, if you were thinking about moving to Florida, Kissimmee is a town you should consider.

Palm Coast

Next on the list of the cheapest places to live in Florida is Palm Coast. If you were always dreaming about living next to the ocean, in a nice home with a quiet and scenic home front, Palm Coast is the town for you. This is a town located on the upper east coast of Florida. This is a city where the weather is nice all year long and where hurricanes aren’t such a big threat. Palm Coast is where you will find amazing beaches where you will actually be able to enjoy all the nice weather that you are exposed to. This is a town where a lot of people with children move to as it is very quiet and safe. Safety is just one of the most common reasons for moving house.

The beach on one of the cheapest places to live in Florida.

But people with children aren’t the only people moving here. Palm Coast is also a very popular retirement moving destination. As you probably know, a lot of people move once they retire. And they usually move to small, cheap towns where they can enjoy their free time. Moving your elderly parents to Palm Coast is an amazing idea. But you should definitely get informed before organizing relocation.

Cape Coral also deserves a place on the list of the cheapest places to live in Florida

Cape Coral is a city that sets a world record as a city with the largest number of canals. This is the biggest city between Tampa and Miami. It has an amazing location as you can tell but it is pretty cheap. Nobody would say that this place is one of the cheapest places to live in Florida considering its location. “Waterfront Wonderland” is the nickname that was given to Cape Coral. This is because this amazing city is a hub for fishing and boating. So, if you are someone who enjoys these water activities, Cape Coral is the place for you.

Cape Coral canal

It is also a city where you can always have a lot of fun as there are plenty of things to do. Here is where you will find the Rotary Park Environmental Center and the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve. You can also go to the Cape Coral Yacht Club or the Rum distillery tours that are available. If you are someone who enjoys indoor activities more, the Southwest Florida Military Museum & Library are located in Cape Coral. This is where you’ll have lots of fun. But there are also plenty of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops where you could spend time. But visiting the Sun Splash Family Waterpark will by far be your favorite family activity. If you are moving with a family, read how to make moving simple for kids.

Housing in Cape Coral isn’t as expensive as you would think it is. For under $200,000 you can purchase a nice home where you could live comfortably with your family. There are plenty of job opportunities here too and I think that young professionals will love calling this place their home. 

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