The Many Benefits of Modular Living Space –A New Housing Option

The Many Benefits of Modular Living Space –A New Housing Option

Technology never stops developing and the construction sector has seen some amazing changes, with the arrival of modular homes. Of course, prefabricated structures are nothing new; we had them as early as World War I, although the latest generation of modular homes are very different. Some things never change; the unit is built in the factory and assembled in sections onsite, yet it is the materials that are very different.

Here are some of the benefits that come with choosing a modular home.

  • High levels of insulation – Composite materials are ideal for insulation and wherever you happen to live in New Zealand, good insulation keeps energy costs down to an acceptable level. The roof, walls and ceilings would be well-insulated, which helps to keep the interior cool in the summer while retaining warmth in the colder winter months.
  • Cost-effective accommodation – Generally speaking, any pre-assembled structure will be cheaper than traditional bricks-and-mortar and when you consider the high cost of labour today, the structure can quickly be assembled once all the components are onsite. If your home is in bad shape and a knockdown and rebuild seems to be the best solution, have you considered prefabricated modular homes that can be installed on a concrete base?
  • Easy relocation – No one knows the future and if, in a few years, you decide to relocate to another part of the island, all you need is to buy/rent a plot of land and prepare a concrete base. The supplier usually offers a relocation service, which can normally be carried out without any issues.
  • Designed around your lifestyle – Having a home designed and pre-built allows you to tailor the living space to perfectly suit your lifestyle. The supplier would have many design templates but if the client has precise requirements, the build can be unique.
  • Maintenance free – Building maintenance can be a major headache and thanks to top-rated composite materials, there is hardly any maintenance; no painting or applying protective coatings and should a component be damaged due to a storm, it can be replaced.

If you are looking at options for a new build, we recommend you take a look at the top-of-the-range modular homes that are available here in New Zealand.

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