What Are The Special Things About Property Of Goa

What Are The Special Things About Property Of Goa

Goa is the most popular holiday destination in India. Since ages, you can see the crowd of different types of travelers. From family vacation to honeymoon tour; you will get people from all over India and of all age groups. The place is so beautiful that many people who come to the place fall in love with it and plan to stay there forever. Maybe due to this reason, the Property For Sale in Nagoa is in high demand as people are looking for every possible way to stay attached to this place.

It is not the scenic beauty of the place, but the Property For Sale in Nagoa has some unique characteristics that attract people of different choices. From the architecture to the patio; everything is different here.

The main reason for this unique attribution of Goan property is the blending of Indian and Portuguese cultures. This amalgamation can be seen everywhere in Goa and even in the real estate industry as well.

Before the Portuguese era, the houses are made of mud and thatched roof to encounter the monsoon. Most of the houses were dominated by women. With time, the people of Goa traveled abroad and learned many new things. Their learning had a direct reflection on the lifestyle, design, cuisine and many other things.

Between the 18th to 20th centuries, the houses were very ornamental. This tradition can be seen in the Property For Sale in Nagoa. The balconies and verandas from where people can sit and watch the busy streets are the prominent part of Goan houses. They use the place to have a good leisure time with family and neighbors or just enjoyed the good weather. The colors of the houses were quite bright but it has turned to white nowadays. Previously, they used the color to display their vibrant lifestyle by creating a sensation through it. Most of the walls are made of laterite stones that are easily available in Goa.

Most of the houses have a huge courtyard that is the center point of every home. The porches and pillars are quite decorative of the houses to make them stand aloof.

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