Things Movers Won’t Move – Non-Transportable Items

Things Movers Won’t Move – Non-Transportable Items

Regardless if you are doing your own packing or using professional packing, there can be certain items which are not allowable for transport. Do you have any idea about what items movers will not transport? If you are using a professional company of packers and movers to shift your belongings then it should provide you a list of non-transportable items. There can be also such items which you need to pack on your own as movers won’t pack them.

Let’s know what items are non-transportable by movers and packers

1. Plants and flowers

Generally, long-distance movers and packers won’t move your plants and flowers. In case of a local shifting requirement, movers might may agree to offer plant moving service. It is advisable that you must ask your movers will in advance if they can move your plants or flowers. In a long distance relocation that requires a couple of days for transportation, your plants may destroyed due to lack of water and sunlight. Hence, it’s better to donate plants and flowers to your neighbors, friends or family members before moving.

2. Hazardous & flammable items

A professional company of packers and movers will never agree to transport hazardous and flammable materials, no matter, whether you are moving locally within a city or relocating from one city to another. So, it is advisable that you must get rid of hazardous and flammable materials such as paints, paint thinners, nail polish remover, batteries, oxygen bottles, aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, kerosene, petrol, charcoal, lighter fluid, gas cylinder, chemicals, matches, fireworks, corrosives, lamp oil, pesticide, fertilizer, motor oil, weed killer, ammonia, etc. Most good moving companies will provide you a list of hazardous items that they won’t pack and move. The best thing you can do it is using up before you move. Or just dispose them.

3. Perishables

Perishables are especially foodstuffs that are likely to decay or go bad quickly. On a long-distance move, professional packers and movers will never like to move your perishables and foodstuffs. It is because, perishables may get damages or spoiled. It’s just a matter of common sense. And you too will not like to move food items that may get spoiled in transit. Perishable things that movers won’t move are frozen food, open food canes & containers, refrigerated food, open food products and dairy products such as milk, curd, butter, etc. So, make sure you consume perishables before you move.

4. Valuables and items of personal importance & sentimental value

Professional IBA approved packers and movers will also not pack and your valuables and items of personal importance and sentimental value. You need to pack such personal belongings on your own. And, you also need to transport them on you own. It just does not make sense to pack these items along with general items and load on the truck. If you commit the mistake of packing and loading such items then you may have a painful experience later. Personal items that you need to pack on your own may include cash, collections (e.g. stamps, pens, coins), important papers & documents (e.g. educational certificates, bonds, stocks, PAN, Aadhaar, passport, deeds, wills, chequebooks, bills, moving estimates), jewelry, address book, car keys, chargers, medications, wedding albums, laptop, tablets, insurance policy, financial documents, professional files, expensive electronic gadgets, family heirlooms, etc.

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