Things To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels at Your Home

Things To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels at Your Home

Thinking about saving money on your electricity bills or reducing your carbon footprint and upgrading your place’s value? Then powering your home with solar panels is the right choice. But, there are many key factors that you need to consider. Before you jump in and start the installation process of your residential solar panels, you must consider some of the things. Here is a list of important factors that we’ve compiled to help you decide.

1. Whether your roof is suitable and is ready for the installation of solar hot water Perth.

Solar panels in Perth come with high durability. So before starting the installation process you must check the infrastructure of your roof thoroughly. If your roof is old, you must get it repaired before jumping into the process. Installing and uninstalling involves a lot of financial issues so it’s better to get your roof done before it.

Another aspect is to match the warranty of your roof as well as the warranty of your solar panel. That means If you are going to purchase solar panels that will last for 20 years and you have a roof that will only last between 10 or less then it will increase the cost of maintenance. Matching them is a way to reduce your heavy costs.

2. Which kind of solar makes should you buy?

This choice is based upon the energy your home uses. If you live somewhere where heating fuel is expensive relative to electricity, or your home uses a lot of energy for heating you must prefer a solar thermal investment. solar hot water Comes in two technologies, one that uses arrays of cells to turn sunlight into electricity called photovoltaic, and the other that uses sunlight to heat water or air for domestic purposes known as thermal

3. Your Location

Another factor that you must consider before buying is your home location. As we know the more sun shines on your solar panels, the more energy they’ll generate. So if you live in the South or Southwest, you have the greatest opportunity to produce energy. But If you live north or Northwest, you’ll produce much less energy.

To produce a high range of solar energy from your residential solar panels you must assure that there are no tall objects, such as satellite dishes or trees, that cast shadows on your roof, which hinders the production of energy.

4. Improving Efficiency

You must take all the measures to improve the efficiency of your solar panels as the amount of energy you need to produce every day will depend on the usage. Owing to this you need to start with an energy estimation process. You can look at and estimate your consumption patterns, usage, and needs. This will further help you in determining efficiency upgrades and give you a better idea of how much solar you will need.

5. Warranties plays a vital role in making the choice

Warranties play a vital role in its consideration; as it protects your solar panels and other related equipment. In case of any mishap; Having a warranty protects you from additional costs by keeping your manufacturer accountable to you. Moreover, depending on the state, there are some incentive programs that require you to have a warranty for your solar panels. Without a warranty, fixing minor faults will be a pain for sure.


Choosing the solar panel in Perth for your home is a way of putting more money back into your pocket! We prefer you to go with a solar panel that suits your home instead of opting for the popular ones! What are you waiting for? Go and get it installed as it is eco-friendly and cost-effective.

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