Tips To Style Your Home With Antique Furniture

Tips To Style Your Home With Antique Furniture

Let’s face it, we all love the look and feel of fine antique furniture and for many homeowners, mixing a few antiques with a modern or contemporary setting is the perfect home décor.

Know The Difference Between Antique & Vintage

The term ‘antique’ is commonly used to describe something old, yet in order to be classed as ‘antique’, a piece must be at least 100 years old. Younger than a century and it is classed as ‘vintage’, which means pre-1922 is antique, while post-1922 is actually vintage; this could save you money when acquiring pieces.

Achieving A Balance

This is the goal for every interior designer and you obviously have your own ideas and wish to showcase some of your antique acquisitions. It is important to focus on comfort and functionality when designing your living space and choosing one or two fine antiques in a room would achieve a balance between old and new. If you’re asking yourself the question, ‘where to find antique furniture near me?’, a Google search is all it takes to locate a reputable antique dealer with an online presence.

Use Of Colour

Shades or colour can be a unifier when blending old with new. When you have different styles and textures, choosing the right colours helps to create an even and balanced look. The deep and rich browns of antiques blend well with greens and lighter shades of beige. When looking for furniture with a specific tone, the online antique dealer has you covered, with fine antiques in mahogany, oak and cedar of all shades.

Consider Re-Upholstering

If, for example, you have Georgian furniture in the form of a dining table and chairs, which have seen better days, you can have an expert reupholster the chairs. Vintage furniture of lower value can certainly be recovered, which adds a new slant with old and new combined in a single piece. The upholsterer would be happy to quote for any project and has a great selection of quality fabrics at affordable prices.


Bronze, copper and pewter add depth to any look. Create the perfect study with a real fireplace and a copper hood. Textured finishes add a new dimension, which blend well with a metallic sheen. If you are looking for a particular period piece, a leading online antique dealer would be the best place to start your search.

Online Research

Online Research

The World Wide Web is host to a wealth of information about all eras of antique furniture and the more you know, the less chance of being sold a replica. You might, for example, wish to know about hallmarks and maker markings for Edwardian military chests, which Google can help you find. You can also find out when and where the antique auctions are taking place and make a point of attending.

Of course, the aim is to integrate all of your antique pieces into the home. If you are lacking a particular item, the online antique dealer has a simple search function to help you zero in on what you are looking for.

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