Top 4 Bathroom Plumbing Problems that You Must Know

Top 4 Bathroom Plumbing Problems that You Must Know

If there is any space in your house that you can call it ‘private’, it is not your luxurious bedroom or living room but the bathroom. You spend time in the bathroom thinking about the various things in your life and also sometimes take the most important decision! To be precise, spending time in your bathroom should evoke a sense of relaxation and help you to unwind yourself in a pleasurable manner. But if you have to spend the maximum time in your bathroom complaining about one or the other problem, there is an urgent need to seek a plumber for bathroom plumbing in Mandurah.

In this blog, we shall discuss the most common troubles related to bathroom plumbing. These are:

1. Noisy/clogged toilet

Seeing your toilet filled with dirty water that simply refuses to go down the drain, is not only an annoying sight but also makes homeowners panic. As a result, many homeowners take measures that do more harm than good. So if your toilet is clogged, you must stop the water supply to the toilet immediately by shutting off the toilet’s valve. Keep turning the knob counter-clockwise till you stop hearing the sound of running water. After stopping the water supply, refrain from using any DIY trick, call an expert plumbing company in Mandurah to unclog your toilet.

2. Drains are slow –

If you notice your water in the bathroom is draining slow, consider it to be as a forewarning sign for something bigger coming on your way – a clogged drain. Hair and soap residues are the main causes that lead to clogged toilet drains. Drain clogs can get disastrous if not treated on time. Moreover, your entire bathroom starts to have a foul smell that is simply intolerable. So install drain strainers to prevent soap residues and hair going down and blocking the drain. If your drain is already on the way of getting blocked, immediately take a experienced bathroom plumber’s help to clear out your bathroom drain to avoid further inconvenience.

3. Inadequate pressure –

How will you understand your bathroom’s water pressure is low? When you turn on the shower expecting water to come rushing out but instead, water just trickles down slowly- this is when you have low water pressure. If you are thinking that you can treat a low water pressure problem by watching plumbing videos, think again. Sometimes the underlying causes are wide and varied – limescale build-up in the showerhead, shower faucets get damaged, low water supply from the municipality and so on. Hence, fixing low water pressure is a job best left for experienced plumbers in Mandurah.

4. Bad odour –

If your bathroom has a foul odour that doesn’t go away even after spraying air freshener numerous times, it is not a problem fit for being ignored. Probably, your bathroom has the smell of a sewer that has resulted from a potential clogged drain, damaged drain pipes, a dry shower tap or even an old toilet ring. If your bathroom smells of a sewer for a long time, it can yield dangerous results – it causes headaches, nausea and also explosion. Thus, you must immediately deal with sewer odour in your bathroom and this is best done by a licensed bathroom plumber.

These are some of the major bathroom plumbing problems that you may or may have encountered at least once in your life. In such cases, it is always advisable to avail a professional plumber’s help since they possess the appropriate tools, have the best knowledge and are trained to handle the varied bathroom plumbing issues.

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