Five Advantages of Using the Vinyl Planks for Residential Flooring

Five Advantages of Using the Vinyl Planks for Residential Flooring

Gone are the days when only concrete or marble was used as the primary vinyl planks flooring material. With more and more innovations, you can now. Find umpteen options making their way into the market, and one such option that we are going to focus on is vinyl. It’s a hydrocarbon unit that is then made into a polymer by several techniques to increase the resilience and durability of the material.

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Vinyl flooring materials are present mainly in square forms. But, recently, plank-shaped blocks have also been introduced to have more variety in making the floor look ethereal with a unique look. Even though artificial and synthetic flooring materials have become quite popular, many people still don’t know how good the vinyl planks are in reality.

For this reason, we have decided to explain the several advantages of these planks and how they can make your floor look the best and the most innovative.

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Top 5 Benefits of Vinyl Planks:

1. Availability of Different Vinyl Planks Types

One of the major benefits of installing vinyl planks is that they available in different forms. Usually, they are rectangular. But, if you want, you will have the independence of customizing the shape and make it more elongated or wider as per convenience. These planks are available in different designs, like textured wooden planks, patterned planks, marble textured planks, etc. Apart from these variations, the planks can also be differentiated based on their forms, like:

  • Self-adhesive planks
  • Glue down planks
  • Loosely lay planks
  • Interlocking planks

2. More Realistic and a Treat for the Eyes

When you choose a product, it has to be functional and have good aesthetics, vinyl planks prove to be good at both. Though they are artificially made, their look and appeal are no less than any other flooring material. If you want to have wooden flooring, you can look for the planks that resemble the same texture as the vinyl planks are widely available in the market with different looks and stains. Similarly, if you want to make a sleek, white floor, you will get planks that are nothing but the marble’s replicas. The vinyl flooring planks are designed to impersonate a particular material in the best possible way and make the floors a treat for sore eyes.

3. Highly Durable and Damage-resistant

Other noticeable features of the vinyl planks are their durability. Once you lay down the vinyl planks, the floor will last easily for ten to fifteen years, if not more. However, the durability completely depends on the maintenance of the floor. If you do not use the proper cleaning techniques, the vinyl flooring will start degrading in quality and brilliance. Apart from this, the flooring material is damage-resistant. No matter how many pets you have, no scratch can develop on the floor surface as vinyl is scratch-resistant. Similarly, waterproof planks are best for kitchens as they can withstand water and moisture easily.

4. Are Versatile

With these planks, you will be able to cover every single part of the house, be it the kitchen, the backyard patio, the living room, or anything like this. With the increasing versatility of vinyl planks, it has become possible for many to use this material to enhance the beauty of the floors in quite an innovative manner. Moreover, since the size can be customized, you will have more options for creating different looks in different parts of your house.

5. Very Easy to Install on the Floors

Believe it or not, the vinyl planks are very easy to install. Not much surface preparation is needed for the installation. Some planks come with a self-attaching adhesive while some have an interlocking feature that will not need any form of glue or adhesive. However, we recommend only trusting a professional and experienced contractor for this job.


With the growing popularity of different flooring materials, there is no harm in trying vinyl planks for the floors. Since these planks come in a huge variety, you need to choose one that will match perfectly with the interiors and further enhance aesthetic beauty. If you are looking for affordable and modern vinyl planks for your home.

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