Need Of Water Purifier For Home

Need Of Water Purifier For Home

Water, the most abundant non-renewable resource of energy available to humanity, is the second most important thing for the survival of humans, first being air! Nearly 70% of Earth’s surface covered with water in the form of water bodies, glaciers, groundwater etc. But the harsh truth of, only 3% of this is fit for drinking, most of which is present in the form of glaciers. The advancements in technology and urbanization, as well as the ever-increasing growth of the industrial sector vast amounts of pollution, was a definite outcome and water is the most affected resource.

In a country like India, pollution is increasing exponentially at an alarming rate. Impure and contaminated water can lead to serious illness with diseases such as diarrhoea, worm infections and others. Because of the extensive natural occurrence of harmful chemicals like fluoride and arsenic groundwater in India is profoundly unfit for drinking. Therefore there’s a strict need for a water purifier.

Even though, given the present scenario of India, a water purifier is a necessity, choosing one that’ll fit all the requirements is a tedious task because these requirements vary from person to person All purifiers either run on either UV light purification method or the filter technology of reverse osmosis. Some may have both. Each one of them brings up something unique to the disposal of its users, setting them apart from the others. The one thing that you should always check is that the purifier keeps the water consistent and pure based on the levels of pollution which vary with the geographical location.

The purifiers can be classified into three different categories based on the type of filtering technology used :


Purifiers utilizing the technique of distillation are the essential purifiers. The basic science that boiling the water and then condensing the vapours results in pure water is put in use in such purifiers. However, considering modern innovations, the technology used is pretty much outdated, and even if it is to be used, the apparatus used should be modified. The only disadvantage here is that this process consumes a lot of time and is outdated.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is one of the most potent methods when it comes to purification of water. Passing the water through a selectively permeable membrane, selectively rejects the impurities and pure water fit for drinking is allowed to pass through. However, this membrane is susceptible to chlorine, and active carbon is used as a prevention method. Even though the love expectancy of reverse osmosis based purifiers is around 6-8 years, the process is comparatively slower and requires a substitute amount of pressure for excellent efficiency.

UV water purification

The most efficient and widely used water purification system available in the market in water purifiers today is UV based. It is a cheap system that helps in removing a plethora of biological waste and besmirch from the drinking water supply making the value for money of the product a very decent one. It has several distinct advantages over other types of purification techniques available in the market. The most important one is that UV purifying technology leaves zero trade if any chemical or by product and the alterations in the pH level of water is also zero. This makes the water not only environment-friendly but also the amount of wastewater output is minimal. Also the fact that, a UV based water purification system requires less power usage and minimal replacement of filters or other mechanical parts gives it a much more preference than the others on the list because in the long-term, such advantages are crucial in selecting a water purification system for residential as well as industrial purposes as it reduces the cost of maintaining the machinery

Considering the number of pollution levels in India, the right way, the purifier is a necessity. Looking out for one is a tedious task. Also, various other factors, such as the services provided, are to be considered. Looking at all of the points mentioned above, AQUAGUARD is the apt choice. Aquaguard specialises in water purification via reverse osmosis and UV light technique. This combines two of the most widely used methods to give the best possible water treatment system.

Why Aquaguard RO services-

  • The management at Aquaguard is very flexible and easy to deal with.
  • Aquaguard provides cheap and affordable water treatment solutions.
  • Highly qualified professionals lead to a healthy customer relationship.
  • The filtering system is completely bacteria and virus free.

Aquaguard provides the option of Aquaguard service center number also. Along with it also has a dedicated Aquaguard customer care department. These services are provided to get a solution to any problem as soon as possible so that no compromise is made with the quality of water. The Aquaguard toll free number is functional 24×7 at customer care.

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