Water Purifier Repair in Dubai and Other Parts of the UAE

Water Purifier Repair in Dubai and Other Parts of the UAE

As the rate of water pollution doubles, the demand for water purifiers increases alongside. Thus, health-related problems are increasingly occurring and affecting people of all ages. So, your purifier has been functional to make water safe for drinking.  You will then get various types of water purifiers in the market including candle filter purifier, RO water purifier, ultrafiltration water purifier, and activated carbon filter purifier. Hence, you might come across a problem regardless of the quality of the water purifier that you are using.

We have explained some of the frequently faced water purifier problems based on our extended research. So, if you are stuck with any of the water purifier problems, then go through this article. You might get an appropriate solution to fix your problem. However, you will require a repair service if the fixation is beyond your knowledge. 

Selection of Water Purifier Repair Service:

You can hire a technician if you ever face any of the following problems with your water purifier. 

Water Purifier Not Working

Your water purifier might fail to purify water even it is connected to the electrical outlet. Check whether the LED light blinks or not. In case the LED light is off, then check whether you are getting any sound or not and you get no sound, then test the purifier with another power cable. In case the problem was arising due to a faulty power outlet, then the purifier will work again as before. However, the transmitters or capacitors on the PCB need to be repaired if the problem still persists. Make a note that this problem can occur with RO purifiers as well. 

Noisy Water Purifier

Are you getting any sounds in the faucet of the water purifier? Most of the time such a problem occurs after installing new filters. If the same thing has happened to you, then turn off the purifier and unplug it from the source of the power. Then, uninstall the filters and replace them with their original positions correctly. 

Sometimes, the faucet makes vibrations due to a change in pressure. Hence, set up the purifier tubes in straight lines and see whether the problem resolves or not. Repair your water purifier if the problem continues for more than 3 to 4 days.

Low Water Flow

The low water pressure might restrict the water from flowing out of the purifier. Water slowly flows into the water tank when the tap has a high TDS or one of the filters is damaged. Moreover, TDS increases during the rainy season and hamper the water flow in purifiers. 

If possible, then you can decrease the TDS and restore the water flow. However, get a water purifier repair service if you need to replace the filters. In case you leave the problem, then the water tank might need to be replaced.

Foul Smell from the Filtered Water

It is not at all safe if the filtered water produces a stinking smell. Then, it implies that the purifier is unable to cleanse the water properly. Perhaps the water is not flowing inside the purifier and remains stagnant. This problem happens when membranes of the filters deplete over time. There is no troubleshooting tip for this problem since you can’t replace the depleted membranes by yourself. Thus, you must connect with a technician and let him handle the problem without delay.

Water Leakage

Improper installation of the water purifier might also cause a leakage in the faucet. Again, a loose connection between screws inside the valves, ports, or saddle can lead to leakage problems. As a result, the water purifier would take time to purify the water and fill the container quickly. As a solution, you can apply the process discussed below:

  1. Close the water feed line to your purifier and turn off the tank ball valve by turning it to 90 degrees. 
  2. Unscrew the filter housing and clean it if required. 
  3. Next, clean the O ring sealing the filter housing and apply the silicone-based lubricant. 
  4. Replace the filter housing and tighten it properly to prevent any more leakage. 
  5. Resume the water supply to ensure that the water purifier does not have any leakage.

Water Purifier Keeps Running

The purifier won’t stop if the check valves are broken or the shut-off valve does not close completely. Furthermore, the problem can occur due to incorrect installation of the water purifier membrane. So, if you are confident enough, then install new valves or reinstall the membrane by watching online tutorials. Or else, get help from an expert.  

Wrong attempts might cause more damage to your water purifier. Thus, you must hire a certified technician to fix your appliance within your budget.

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