What Are the Advantages of Wood Flooring?
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What Are the Advantages of Wood Flooring?

What Are the Advantages of Wood Flooring?

Building a home and decorating it isn’t an easy job. Even if you are building space to use for official or commercial purposes, that space is going to be your second home. Flooring is an important part of your home and you need to choose durable flooring for your high traffic areas. Most of the weight will be put on the floors so it is important to choose a good looking as well as durable flooring. Amongst different types of flooring, wood flooring has gained a lot of popularity.

What is Wood Flooring?

Wood flooring requires the floor to be covered in wood which is naturally manufactured from timbers or bamboo. The floor is sized and divided into blocks and then covered with the manufactured and finished woods. There are several types of flooring available and if you are planning to cover your bathroom and kitchen with wooden flooring then you can choose separate types of flooring for each of the different areas. Even you can choose the laminated wood flooring for your house because they are rust resistant and easy to maintain.

Wood Flooring

Varieties of Wood Flooring

You can choose the type of flooring depending upon the area where you want to lay the flooring. Also, the cost is another aspect to keep in consideration while choosing your wood flooring. The finish and the color of the wood flooring depend upon the look that you want to get for your space.

  • Laminate flooring is done by compressing several sheets of fiberboards together. After the compressed board is ready, an image resembling that of either a wooden pattern or a stone is printed on the top. To finish off the look and give it a natural look a coating for protection is needed and it is suggested to install such wood flooring by trained professionals only.
  • Both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood add an extra essence of visual appeal, but both are different from each other. Solid hardwood is made from only wood and the thickness is about 18mm to 20mm. It fit in like a puzzle put together with grooves lending a helping hand along with tongues. In engineered hardwood real wood is added only on the top which has a thickness of about 4mm. So if you want to install hardwood on your floor then you should go for the higher thickness. But laminated one are more durable than hardwood flooring.
  • Grass stalks of Bamboo help in making bamboo floors. These floors are perfect for areas like restrooms and kitchen as they are moisture resistant.
  • Cork floors give a traditional appeal as well as a softer feel. These wood floorings are made from cork oak trees.
  • There are a variety of colors you can choose from like walnut colored flooring, oak, maple, mahogany cherry, and ash wood flooring.

What You Need to Ask Before You Choose Your Wood Flooring?

Here are a few tips that will help you to choose your wood flooring and give you an insight into the benefits of installing wood flooring.

  • First, make a budget and discuss your requirements with the designers. Next, choose flooring that is resistant to heat and water and needs minimum maintenance.
  • Wood flooring is easier to maintain and clean. It is also more hygienic. Along with durability, the flooring also prevents bad odor and assists you in installing under the floor heating systems.
  • The flooring is also cost effective and gives your space a more natural feel. So you need to ask for the quotes from different designers and then choose the best wood flooring according to your budget.

Now decorate your space the way you always wanted. Give your home a more natural connection with wooden floors and increase both the appeal and the value of your home.

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