What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Does Not Work?

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Does Not Work?

Lahore, the second biggest city of Pakistan observes more than 40-degree temperatures in summer. That is why home maintenance in Lahore is impossible without an Air Conditioner. Lahore’s hot and humid environment is unbearable in summers, without a proper air conditioning system. All living beings crave the fresh and cool breeze.

So, what to do when your air conditioner does not work?

The answer is obvious. There are many professional and reliable home maintenance services in Lahore. You can call them. That is the best possible solution.

But sometimes you have to wait too long. Lahore is a very big city and commuting between corners can take hours.

Here is another possible scenario. The Air conditioner stops working in the middle of the night. And you know that no one will come before dawn.

There can be thousands of situations when you have to live without an air conditioner in summer. Not necessarily in Lahore, but anywhere in the world. This post is all about how to survive those critical times.

How to Cool Yourself and Family in the absence of an Air Conditioner?

Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is one of the primary causes of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. The core temperature of your body needs to regulate itself when the climate is hot. Water intake is one of the ways to do it. Use glasses of water to cool you and your family. If your toddlers refuse to take them, make them iced treats and slushies. Keep them hydrated by any means.

Take showers and cool baths. Water is life. Drinking it will hydrate you from inside, and showers would hydrate you from outside. Your skin needs water as much as your stomach. To cool off your body, take showers with room temperature until the representatives of home maintenance services do not show up.

Put cool clothes on your skin, if taking a shower is not possible. Run water over a cloth and place it on your neck or forehead.

If you want to sleep, wet your top sheet in cold water and wring it out to make it damp. This cool sheet will make your body temperature decrease.

Consider going to some air-conditioned place nearby.  It could be a local library, shopping mall, movie theater or grocery store.

Wear light clothes. Try to use the fabrics that wick away moisture. For example, linen and cotton. Never wear too many layers. If you go out in the sun, do not forget to wear sunscreen. You may get sunburn even through your clothes on a hot day.

Never exercise in hot weather. Strenuous physical activity can lead to heat exhaustion and heatstroke. When it is warm indoors and the air conditioner is out of order, do not exercise. It is essential to keep your body’s temperature at a safe level.

Go to the basement. Yes, if there is a basement in your house, you are really lucky. Move downstairs in warmer times. You can even sleep there.

How to Cool Your Home in the absence of an Air Conditioner?

Use the fans throughout your home. For extra performance, put wet clothes on the fan. Home maintenance in Lahore is much easier, with fans.

Do not use ovens. It is better not to add more heat to the already warm space. Your oven, range, and dishwasher can do that. They all inject more heat into your home. Try to order something, until home maintenance services arrive and fix your air conditioner.

Turn off other electrical appliances. Most of the items that use electricity, release heat. Turn off all the lights, which are not LED or CFL. Unplug your TV.  Do not use a computer until it is very necessary.

Do not let sun rays enter your home. Shut all the windows that are east or west faced. Or at least, use blinds or curtains.

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