What Type Of Blocked Drain Do You Have?

What Type Of Blocked Drain Do You Have?

Every drain in your home is blocked:

When the bathtub does not drain when you pull the plug, and the toilet bowl fills up to the top and slowly drains when you flush, and the gully outside the backdoor is overflowing, the chances are all your drains are blocked.

It appears evident that something is wrong; a blocked drain will not fix itself and will only become worse the longer it is left. Calling a plumber is your only option. To make sure you choose the right plumber for the job, check out his online media and reviews and look for three words “blocked drain specialist”. A plumber who specialises in blocked drains will carry in his truck all the tools necessary to handle any blocked drain problem. He knows to identify the problem quickly, making a saving to your time and the cost of fixing your blocked drain. A blocked drain specialist will probably use a high-pressure water jetter to go into your drain, cut out any obstructions, remove the blockage and clean the pipe walls. To clean a drain with a “jetter” can take as little as 30 minutes to complete.

When your plumber has unblocked your problem drain, he will be able to tell you why it happened. The number one reason a drain may become blocked will usually be tree roots that have been able to infiltrate the pipes, generally through a joint in the line.

After the blockage has been removed to make sure everything is clear, flush the toilet with paper thoroughly and run water through all your plumbing fittings. If the drain is still not performing how you think it should, a drain cleaning plumber will be able to “camera the drain” and see if the drain is damaged and needs more work to replace a damaged section of pipe.

The Kitchen Sink is Blocked:

When it seems that the kitchen sink is blocked, but every other plumbing fitting in the home is working fine, the problem is usually not too far away from the sink. A homeowner with no plumbing experience may be able to fix a blocked drain with a “youtube” tutorial and a 5 dollar plunger from a hardware store. If the “doit” yourself option has failed, and nothing has worked, then again it is time to call your drain cleaning specialist plumber. A blocked sink will be caused by grease congealing in the sink waste pipe. A plumber will remove the trap under the sink and make sure it is clean, and then auger the drain with a specialised cable machine designed to go down through sink drains. After the plumber has cut a hole through the blockage, and the sink is draining, he will then pour an acid cleaner into the drain. Dissolving any grease still stuck to the inside of the pipes.

The Shower or Bath is Blocked:

When it is the shower or bath that is the only thing that is blocked, then you can be guaranteed that 99 percent of the time it will be hair that has clogged the drain. Remove the trap under the bath or shower and clean under a garden tap, flushing out the hair and soap scum. If the trap under the bath or shower cannot be removed for cleaning, a pair of pliers or a stick down the plug can loosen up and remove the hair so the water can flow freely again.

In Conclusion:

A tile insert drain is something that should be dealt with quickly. The most efficient way to do this is to hire a specialised drain cleaning plumber. You might be pleasantly surprised at how quickly a plumber who knows what he is doing can solve your problem!

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