Which are the Best UPS or Homes?

Which are the Best UPS or Homes?

The modern world is unimaginable without desktop computers and laptops. They add productivity and convenience to our daily lives. Important as desktop computers are, it is also necessary to provide them with appropriate electrical protection. Desktop computers that are reliant on a direct source of power face the risks of abrupt shutdowns during power cuts. Therefore, to shut down the computer properly during blackouts, it is important to install a UPS for your desktop computer.

The UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply device is a piece of electrical equipment that is used to provide emergency power to the computer system and its accessories during power cuts. The UPS supplies emergency power to the computer for a limited time when the primary power source is disrupted. The UPS is beneficial not just for electrical protection to devices, but it also prevents abrupt shutdowns to allow the user to save their work on the computer, and power it down normally after the main power source has been cut.

UPS from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric brings to you a premium range of efficient UPS that are perfect for home installation. These UPS models are extremely effective during electrical abnormalities and are available at budget-friendly prices.

  • Symmetra UPS

The Symmetra range is among the best UPS for home. These single-phase UPS systems provide double connection online power protection. The Symmetra UPS models have a stylish, modular design within a single chassis, with greater scalability of power and run time. It also features an integrated network manageability system that keeps you notified of UPS health and environmental conditions in real-time. The swappable battery feature ensures a seamless supply of power during power outages and blackouts. The Symmetra UPS system also allows battery replacement. In addition, it comes with additional features like automatic restart of loads after UPS shutdown and an alphanumeric LCD for users’ convenience. The Symmetra UPS system is also available in high-performance, scalable 3 phase variants.

  • Galaxy VM UPS

The Galaxy VM is a high-end UPS series with 3-phase scalability that is easy to deploy. It is perfect for home as well as industrial use. The latest models of the Galaxy VM UPS come with Galaxy’s proprietary ECOnversion technology that lowers energy costs. The high-efficiency normal mode has several electrical options, including protection from high overload currents, short circuits, and back feed. It also has a wide input voltage range that can be easily installed to the electrical network for robust protection. In addition, the Galaxy VM UPS model allows battery customization with smart grid and facility monitoring systems, and superb energy storage with VRLA, Lithium-ion, and NiCad batteries. The simple modular design of the Galaxy VM UPS models with top and bottom cable entry, back to wall installation, and complete frontal service access allows easy installation and maintenance. The Galaxy VM UPS is extremely durable against electrical damages.

  • Back UPS Pro

Back UPS Pro is one of the leading UPS models available with guaranteed high performance and additional power protection and management features, making it the perfect UPS for home use. In addition to the desktop computer, it also offers protection for accessories, including routers and modems, external data drives and storage devices, gaming consoles, and other electronic components. Other than power protection from voltage fluctuations and spikes, the Back UPS Pro has an extensive battery backup, enabling it to provide emergency power for a longer time than most other UPS. It also has smart features like LCD display, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), smart outlets, and energy-saving capabilities you can benefit from. With its abundant battery backup and complete electrical protection for your desktop computer and its accessories, the Back UPS Pro is one of the best UPS for your home.

Get the best UPS at Schneider Electric

The online Schneider Electric store has some of the best range of UPS inverters for homes at extremely affordable prices. With its attractive offers, Schneider Electric is the one-stop destination for all your electrical requirements and necessities. Visit the online Schneider Electric store today for the best electrical protection and emergency power supplies for your home desktop computer with their range of superb UPS systems.

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