Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?

Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?

Many homeowners suffer from having clogged toilets, resulting in many inconveniences even after using the plunger to clear the drain. Looking for professional drain cleaning services helps ensure that the people won’t have to deal with the problem themselves.

It’s still important to know the causes of having clogged toilets to ensure that there’s a lesser chance of them happening again. Among the likely reasons for a clog is the toilet’s age, issues on the fill valve, blocked pipes, a problem with the sewage line, and issues on the plumbing vent.

The case with old toilets is that clogs tend to occur because they can no longer flush properly. Using a newer one that flushes properly even with less water will keep clogs from happening while saving on water.

When the fill valve doesn’t work, the homeowner won’t know if there is enough water on the tank. Too little water won’t result in a successful flush, resulting in occurring due to blockages.

Toothbrushes or razors flushed accidentally can cause blockages and have debris collect and cause clogs. Cleaning the drain is necessary to allow the toilet to work properly.

There’s also the matter of the neighborhood’s sewage line and the vents being broken. For such cases, people will likely need to call on professionals. For more information, see this article by Mr. Rooter.

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