Wood Laminate or Luxury Vinyl Tile: Which Is Right for You?

Wood Laminate or Luxury Vinyl Tile: Which Is Right for You?

With a range of flooring options out in the market, it can be tough to zero in on the best one. If you’re torn between getting a wood laminate or an LVT flooring, here are a few tips to help you figure out which choice is ideal for you.

Consider your budget:

Cost is always a major consideration, so you’ll want to start with that. The good news is, both laminate and LVT floors are roughly comparable in the way they are priced. That means there isn’t much of a difference between the two, The Spruce says. With a low cost different, it may not be a factor for you moving forward.

Think about the location:

Where do you plan to install the new floorings? Depending on where you put them, one may prove to be a better choice over the other. Think over your choices carefully so you’ll end up picking the right flooring replacements.

Know what you want:

What kind of style do you want? If you love traditional wood but hate its maintenance requirements, then wood laminates would definitely suit you, the Consumer Reports says. They also demonstrate better moisture resistance, all while looking like the real thing.

Factor in the installation process:

Laminates are easy to install if you want to go with a DIY approach to the project. However, if you haven’t got the tools or lack any prior experience, then you’ll do better to hire pros to install the flooring for you. That’s going to prevent the flooring from getting damaged prematurely. And if you’re already hiring pros, then you want to consider LVT click flooring options. With expert assistance, you can have that flooring in place in no time.

Look to the future:

Do you have plans to resell the property? Even high-end LVT flooring can make potential buyers wary. That’s because most buyers aren’t used to the idea of seeing vinyl flooring out of the bathroom. In this regard, laminates may work better in your favor as they won’t make prospective buyers wary. The fact that laminate flooring technology can also offer options with deeper embossing, better imaging and joinery systems don’t hurt either.

Assess your comfort:

Laminate flooring products often produce a hollow sound when someone walks over them. They also tend to create noise, which is easy enough to fix, though, when you put foam underneath the laminate planks. If you want a quieter option, then LVT floors may be a better choice for you.

Remember your advocacy:

If you love green technology and sustainable efforts, then you’ll want to consider laminate flooring. However, some companies do use plastic for its surface layer, so you’ll need to check for that in advance. Also, vinyl technology these days have made it possible to move away from using non-biodegradable materials, allowing many manufacturers to achieve a LEED credit of EQ4.3. That’s a good reason to check out your LVT click flooring options.

Bottom line:

Decide on the best flooring for your property is. Evaluate the pros and cons of vinyl versus laminates to figure it out.

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