5 of The Trendiest And Poshest Hotels to Stay With Your Family in Madina

5 of The Trendiest And Poshest Hotels to Stay With Your Family in Madina

There is something utterly and uniquely different about staying in a 5-star hotel. Especially if it is a hotel in Al Madina. The scintillating sights of the city, coupled with the religious panorama of the mosques, gives tourists a divine experience.

The uber- luxury and comfort of a 5-star hotel in Al Madina coupled with the superior amenities, provides customers with a breathtakingly different experience.  With a good 5-star hotel in Al Madina you can be assured of quality linen, a terrific ambience, spacious rooms, palate tickling food and luxurious service. Now the question arises that with so many hotels to choose from, where do you stay.

We have researched and earmarked these truly wondrous 5-star hotels in Madina for your stay. Affording a fabulous deal for every buck you spend, here are some of the most popular 5-star hotels in Al Madina for you.

The Shaza -Al -Madina

Situated just around the haram, the Shaza-Al-Madina exudes luxury, comfort and charm. Travelers can seek solace from the early morning tunes of prayers beckoning them to bow to the Prophet.

The suites have been painstakingly designed and boast of an eclectic middle eastern flavour. Done in hues of pastels, the upholstery has just the right of brightness to lend a soothing contrast to the decor. Resplendent, spacious and welcoming, each suite has sprawling sofas where fatigued travelers can unwind. The rooms are fully equipped with all amenities which is a hallmark of the hotel’s self-sufficiency.

Dining at the Shaza-Al-Madina offers an enticing and mouth-watering experience. Diners can sample the fare from the choicest of cuisines. Succulent kebabs and myriad varieties of Nans can leave you wanting more. The staff at Shaza-Al-Madina is tremendously hospitable, warm and attentive and ensures that all guests are taken care of with grace and flair.


The Oberoi Madina

Touted as one of the most resplendent and luxurious hotels in Madina, the comfort and luxury of The Oberoi befits a king.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the birth place of prophet Mohammad which makes Madina a tourist hot spot for Haj pilgrimages. Entrepreneurs and celebrities from all over the world have made The Oberoi , the hotel of their choice as it gives them a 5-star view of the green dome of the prophets mosque.

On a balmy day, you can see the canopied courtyards of the mosque and pilgrims deep in prayer.The accommodation is state of the art with large spacious bedrooms and magnificent bathrooms. Cuisine here is specially handcrafted for your taste buds and their culinary services run throughout the day. The 5-star hotel is not only efficient but also beyond compare.

The Madina Hilton

Live life King size, is the adage of travelers who have stayed at the Hilton Madina. It is a welcoming pad for those who wish to be close to the prophet’s mosque. Many of the hotel rooms give full or partial views of the mosque which can be a serene experience for avid pilgrims.

A day at the Madina Hilton means true 5-star hotel luxury. Unwind and cuddle down on the super soft beds and catch a few shows of their premium TV channels. A hot shower to rejuvenate the senses in their fully marbled bathrooms is a must. If money is not a criteria, book a room in their presidential suite to get a breathtaking view of Madina. if you wish to wine and dine in style then this is the 5-start hotel in Madina of your choice.

The Madina Hilton

Anwar Al Madina, Movenpick Hotel

Among 5-star hotels in Madina, this one is hand-picked for you as it is reminiscent with living in the lap of luxury. It is a very posh and upscale hotel located in the heart of Madina and located in proximity with the prophet’s mosque.

The Al rawda Al Sharifa and the Al Baqie are all walking distance from the hotel. The hotel sports several restaurants in its interiors giving its customers the choicest of cuisines. The best are the Al Arabi restaurant which satiates the palate with hand-picked Arabic dishes. If you want to experiment further, you have the Shiraz which features finger licking Persian food. Al Salam restaurant suits a more western palate offering international flavours while an eclectic mix of premium ice-creams, coffee brews, cakes can be savoured at the Rotana cafe. Truly a food lover’s paradise. There is also a shuttle service to the mosque for those who wish to offer prayers.


Millenium Taiba Hotel

A luxurious 5-star hotel in Madina, it is uniquely located in the line of the Holy Haram. Conveniently located in proximity with 4 mosques it also offers a view of the prophet’s mosque. Just 20 minutes away from the airport, the hotel boasts of a host of amenities like a spacious gym, sauna, steam room, swimming pool and diverse cuisines ranging from Asian, Middle Eastern and Continental.

Complimentary WiFi and underground basement parking is also provided to visitors.

Most of these 5-star hotels in Madina offer a superior selection of amenities, special offers and a dream team of hotel staff and concierge service waiting to be at your disposal. Recline in the lap of luxury and feast on fine dining food for the most enthralling experience of a lifetime.

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