9 things to take care before booking a hotel
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9 things to take care before booking a hotel

9 things to take care before booking a hotel

I am Muhil Mathivanan, an enthusiastic teenager who loves trekking. Yes, you got it. It’s a long walk over the mountains and valleys exploring and enjoying nature’s beauty. It all started in the year 2019, when I and my college NSS Team planned for atrekking program to Yercaud, Salem, TamilNadu. It’s one of the popular hill stations, also called Shevaroy hills which is famous for coffee plantations, Waterfalls, Rose Garden, A beautiful lake, spices, and Silk farms. And I still remember every single moment that I had experienced throughout the trekking. The trekking was a fantastic experience.

But by the end of the day when all the trekking and the exploration were finished, we realized that it was late and risky to travel at night. By the way, even we were tired because of the trekking. So we decided to book a hotel to stay for that night. And believe me, it was the worst part of the journey. The hotel rooms were a mess it was like a hell experience. The walls were wet, the room smelled like a rotten egg, the A/C was pumping out air that had a very bad smell. But after all, it was our mistake to book a hotel without any reference for it. It was a bad experience but a good lesson. From then onward we used to pre-book our hotels.

So with those experiences today I am here to tell you the top 9 most important things to take care of before booking a hotel either directly or online.

Checklist includes,

1. Choice of Stay:

When we plan to stay outside of our home for more than a day, then we need lodging.It may be a Hotel / Motel / Lodge / Inn / Resort / Guesthouse. Based on your Comfort, Budget, or the extra amenities, you can choose from any one of these.

2. Location and Accessibility:

Always look for the exact location of the hotel on the map. This helps you to check whether it’s near your destination like major attractions, camping grounds, Amusement & Theme parks, trekking areas, metro station, Good dining restaurants, shopping malls, cab facilities or shuttles, etc. Also, check for neighborhoods like a city, commercial, or residential area.

3. Room – Type:

There are many types of rooms available in hotels like Single room, Double room, Triple room, Quad room, Queen size, or king-size beds. Always know about the size of the room, the number of persons going to stay with you. Make sure of how much they charge for one extra bed in the same room. Also, be aware of the room cancellation policy.

4. Sanitation, Safety, and security:

Sanitation is an important factor that comes to your mind when you want to stay away from home. I have seen many people complained about the dirt, dust, molds, nasty bathrooms, unclean bedsheets, and the hairs all over the room.so make sure it is ready for your lodging before you step in. We need to check for the proper security system as well, to protect you and your belongings, employees, and the property. Starting from Guest room locking, Installing access control for guests and employees, surveillance cameras, fire alarms, etc has to be checked before booking a hotel. You can also check for any complaints regarding safety which was posted in reviews by other customers.

5. Bed Bugs Infestation:

If you experience a weird moldy/musty smell once you enter the room, then it may be the living room for bed bugs. The bed bugs are the tiny insects, which sucks human blood. The main reason for this widespread is that it clings easily to any objects from the suitcase to fabric and travels along with the tourists/visitors. You can check for bed bugs under the pillows, on the mattress, bedsheets, furniture, walls, and even on the window screen with blood stains if the infestation is worse. If unnoticed, it causes redness / red spots, rashes, hives, and sometimes serious allergic reactions, which is Life-threatening. so, always make sure your lodging is more comfortable and risk – free. If you are booking online, check for reviews.

6. water leakage on the walls:

Water scarcity is one of the major problems that most visitors complain while staying outside of the home. Moreover, if there is water leakage on the walls, from the ceiling, the dripping tap, leaking toilets, or leaking water heaters, it’s an irritating moment for the guests, especially at night. The most water leakages are due to the damaged water pipes, plumbing fixtures, clogged pipelines, etc., If small leaks are untold, then you might experience a nightmare of flood in your room. This causes the molds and fungus to grow due to dampness and leads to long term health issues like Asthma and Allergies like skin irritations, red eyes, Coughing, Sneezing, or itchiness. So, before booking the hotel, go for the reviews and make sure of these issues addressed properly by the management and fixed.

7. Complimentary Wi-Fi / Breakfast:

If the visitor/ Traveler is on a Business trip, then they need a reliable and fast Internet or Wi-fi access. This gives a satisfying experience for all the guests. Make sure your hotel provides high quality and hygienic food, from complimentary breakfast to a pleasant room service dinner. Be aware of service and GST charges while dining out or the room food service.

8. Air-conditioned Rooms:

Well air-conditioned room provides you a cool place for better sleep, relieves from sweat and dirt, and has special filters for clean air indoors. Always make sure about the charges as to whether it’s added while booking or charged separately during the stay.

9. Customer-Friendly Services:

Hotels with customer friendly services like car parking, water heaters, 24 hours Water supply, Newspapers and TV, Laundry and valet service, Easy mode of payment, etc., adds up your comfort and convenience of lodging. So try to check out these facilities over the phone before you book the hotel.

So next time make sure to check the points before booking a hotel.

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