How to Choose a Female Friendly Hotel

How to Choose a Female Friendly Hotel

Studies show that 75% of those who take cultural, adventure or nature trips are women. More and more women today are choosing to travel solo for the freedom to make their own decisions, to meet new people and to expand their cultural horizons. It’s a nourishing experience that extends beyond the physical sense of self.

However, safety still remains one of the biggest worries. Though women from all around the world are combatting everything that holds them back, safety for women travelling alone is still a concern. But if you have a secure place to go back to while travelling, half of the trouble is taken care of. So, read on to find out what to look for before booking a stay.

Research the Location – Knowledge is power. Before booking a stay, find out everything you can about the hotel and its location. Prefer up-scale hotels that go above and beyond to ensure the safety of women. But before diving in, read through the reviews of the hotel carefully. Do your research on the location and ensure that –

  • The hotel is in a frequented location and near the tourist spots
  • Cafes and restaurants are nearby
  • Public transport facility is easily available in the locality

Choose a Trusted Hotel – Travel agencies offer packages for solo travel for women but don’t trust anything you are offered in a package until you have done your research. Choose a trusted, reputed and female-friendly hotel that will never compromise on your safety.

To be certain, go through all the reviews and check what people have to say about it.

Amenities – Ensure that the hotel you’re considering has great amenities such as an in-house restaurant, so that you don’t have to go out looking for dinner late at night.

Prefer hotels where the food gets delivered to you in your room on request. In-room amenities such as shampoo and mini fridge are important too since you would not want to hunt for these necessary items outside.

Hotel Security – Here’s what to look for to ensure that the hotel security is flawless:

  • Rooms situated away from the elevators for solo travellers
  • CCTV cameras in the premises
  • 3.Confidentiality of guest information
  • Special on-call assistance for ladies
  • Female housekeeping staff for lady travellers

The hotel and its facilities play a major role in deciding the quality of your stay since solo travel for women requires placing safety above anything else. Here are a few other tips you must follow if you’re travelling alone –

  • Have the front desk employee write down your room number rather than announce it aloud.
  • locks on all windows and doors every time you enter and exit the room.
  • Call for room service rather than leaving a card on your door.
  • If it’s very late and you’re alone, go to the front desk and ask security to walk you to your room.

The stay you’ve chosen should not only be safe but should also give you a wholesome experience because wouldn’t it be great sipping on your wine by the poolside?

Also, here’s the most important tip – leave your stress behind and enjoy your trip!

Author Bio:

Rishi Kamra works with Grand Mercure Vadodara Surya Palace. He has over a decade of experience in the hospitality and event management industry which allows him to create value-driven content for his readers. Travelling and photography are his two passions and in his free time, he enjoys working with the youth of his city by volunteering his time and mentoring young adults.

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