Get a Taste of India in Downtown Dubai Restaurants

Get a Taste of India in Downtown Dubai Restaurants

Downtown Dubai is a paradise for those who love to make merry. Eating, drinking, sports, shopping, music, dance, and rejuvenation; this place is synonymous with indulgence and extravagance. Besides other things, Downtown is famous for a slew of world-class restaurants and is a one-stop option for those searching for Indian restaurants in Dubai. Here are some of the best Downtown Dubai Restaurant for those who love food with some desi tadka.


Peppermint serves Indian food prepared using the European techniques. The restaurant creates haute Indian cuisine by mixing Indian cooking techniques with a colonial design template, which yields a unique layer of flavours. From tikkas to subzis to specialized regional dishes, each offering at this restaurant goes beyond the ordinary. With an elegant seating arrangement and private dining facilities, the restaurant is suitable for intimate affairs and formal or informal social gatherings. It is a mid-range restaurant and is situated in the Dubai Mall.

India Palace Express

Presenting a tempting selection of Indian cuisine and Mughal specialities, India Palace is a favourite among casual diners looking for Indian fare. From a variety of lassis and chhachh and boondi and cucumber raita to bhartas, bhajis, and stuffed variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, their menu is as Indian as it can be. The expert chefs at the restaurant create innovative dishes like machhli k solely, which is the non-vegetarian option to traditional dahi k sholey, and many such culinary inventions. The best part, though, is the traditional Indian sweets that you get here. The decadent collection of Shahi Tukda, Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai and other varieties is sure to leave you craving for more. The restaurant also provides customized dishes on request in the large-scale events. Pricewise, it is a reasonable choice i.e. neither too cheap nor too expensive. Pre-booking is advised before heading to India Palace Express.

Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra

The renowned restaurant chain made a debut in Dubai in March, 2019 and replaced the erstwhile Rangmahal by Atul Kochhar. For the uninitiated, Jiggs Kalra was the first Asian to be a part of the International Food and Beverage Gourmet Hall of Fame and is a heavyweight in the global culinary industry. The restaurant focuses on recreating traditional Indian recipes with a contemporary twist. What differentiates Masala Library from other Indian restaurants in Dubai is their focus on molecular gastronomy i.e. physical and gustatory changes in food that occur during the culinary process. With its 12-course menu, the restaurant is big on degustation menu i.e. careful, appreciative tasting of various types of cuisine. Quail recheado, deconstruction of a samosa, wagyu pathar kebab, ashen kulfi, grilled palm hearts, and radhuni sea bass are some of the signature dishes offered at the restaurant. The restaurant is located in the JW Mariott Marquis and has a prop-supported ambiance. There are huge, ornate wooden pillars and beautiful multi-hued murals all over the place. The time spent here gets even more worthwhile as you get the calming view of the spectacular Dubai canal from the fourth floor of the grand edifice.

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