Luxury Hostels- The Trend for Millennial

Luxury Hostels- The Trend for Millennial

While citing the term hostel, it always fetches a bad reputation. But the trend has reformed a big goodbye to queue towards communal washrooms, sparsely equipped dormitories, and wireframe bunk beds. Luxury hostels have sped a gap, in all key cities and provide modish accommodation for students, working professionals and savvy holidaymakers too. These luxury hostels provide lavish accommodations amped along with artistically designed urban structures. Such luxury hostels present extreme hygienic standards, lively and young ambience and a comfy and enjoyable stay for the individual.

Luxury living 

Students, working professionals of the millennial group look for chic, cool hostels with luxury bathrooms, personal reading lamps, and all other lavish amenities. Surveys mention that there are high demand and a steady rise in luxury hostels in all major cities. In that case, Mumbai is an industrial hub, the educational source for several top schools and also a tourism core.

Mumbai hostels 

Being a lively contemporary centre, Mumbai implements state of the art technology features and invites guests. Luxury hostels in Mumbai for students are highly in demand. The exceptional amenities can be a key reason as students stay with comfort and ease. Secured, healthy and happy life for both men and women can be experienced by students opting for luxury hostels.

Lavish living space

The best hostels in Mumbai for students are equipped with the latest amenities that are classy and elegant. These luxury hostels are located in best areas to live in Mumbai. They provide contemporary dining options, refreshing suits as well as spacious rooms for students to live and study contentedly. The spacious terrace that is naturally lit is another highlighting factor in these luxury hostels. This offers the students to relax in the evenings. The complete décor is planned and designed in a colourful way that strikes with a lively ambience following young minds.

Luxury hostel facilities 

Luxury hostels deliver round the clock safekeeping. They use the latest technology for security systems, students in and out are monitored with a biometric system and also round the clock security personnel are available for girl’s hostel. The hostels have a dedicated team that takes responsibility for cleaning and maintenance. This team takes care of the hygienic environment and also provides laundry facilities for students. Individual spacious volt is provided for all students with lock and keys. The volt is spacious for every student to store their costly belongings.

There are other miscellaneous facilities too available in the hostel. Services for airport pick up and drop; newspaper, hot water and plenty more are available on demand. The luxury hostels offer all facilities as at home and hence individuals obtain a feel of home while accommodating in luxury hostels.

Where to look for PG

Bangalore is mainly divided into 5 zones like central, north, south, east, and west. In this, the south zone comprises of most of the IT companies and hence the accommodations facilities are available in plenty in this area. Especially the ladies pg in BTM layout and all are of great demand. The pgs in this area are well built and well equipped. Single and sharing basis rooms can be chosen according to our wish.

Things to look for a ladies PG

  • Is there adequate security around the PG

Most of the ladies pgs are located in the safe places and many of them arrange the vehicle service too at fixed times. The security guards are allocated by some of the pgs during the night .So we must ensure safety by enquiring beforehand about the stay homes.

  • Any deadlines are thereor not

PG stays for women mostly follow a night deadline to enter into the rooms. This is mainly for college students. If you have to work on odd shifts, make it clear before fixing your PG and on special permissions, some of them may allow you to follow your job timings.

  • Healthy food is provided or not

The food is another important aspect to be considered while staying away from home. Almost all PGs nowadays make the provision for nutritious food supply in particular times.Some may even pack your lunch if you insist. And the food normally will be a mix of north and south delicacies since in Bangalore you can expect people from all over India.

  • The extra facilities offered by them

It is commonly noted that most of the PGs provide all basic amenities like a bed with mattresses, cupboard, separate washrooms, drinking water purifiers, heater, and WI-FI. At the beginning  enquire about the facilities provided inside the PG.

  • The monthly rent

In Bangalore especially the PG in BTM for ladies starts with a monthly rent of 4000 and it goes high as per the location and facilities included.


Luxury hostels in Mumbai for students are prevalent for its extravagant facilities such as indoor sports, gym, projection room, and kitchen facility. Best hostels in Mumbai for students are available online and booking can also be achieved with a few clicks. Millennial find these luxury hostels a cooler option and opt for the same for a luxury lifestyle. Affordable people opt for luxury hostels for their outstanding service and comfort.

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