Practical Tips for Home Maintenance

Practical Tips for Home Maintenance

Your home is a significant investment. Protect your investment and get to know your home with these practical home maintenance tips. From simple outdoor cleaning to preventing air leaks around your windows and doors, it’s important to be proactive when it comes to maintenance tasks. Use survey equipment and other specialty tools from Engineer Supply to tackle DIY projects with confidence.

Inspect Roof and Gutters

Your roof is one of the most common sources of water leaks in your home. A leaking roof can cause serious water damage throughout your home. From wet, compacted insulation to moldy drywall, water in your home is a serious issue. Keep it safe with routine roof and gutter inspections and cleaning. Here are some of the most common signs that you need to replace your roof:

• Cracked shingles
• Missing shingles
• Bare patches of gravel
• Water spots on your ceiling

Use a ladder to reach your roof and inspect it for these signs. Use caution and don’t attempt to walk on an older roof. Never walk on a wet roof or snow-covered roof. As you inspect your roof, look for fallen branches or other debris on your roof and in your gutters. Carefully clean out your gutters by removing branches, leaves and other debris. Use a hose or plumber’s snake to clean out the downspouts to avoid pooling water.

Fix Leaking Fixtures

Another common source of water damage in your home is a leaking fixture. Schedule an inspection once or twice a year of all your water fixtures. Look for small leaks, drips or other signs of disrepair. Don’t just check the faucet, but look at any visible lines and connections for signs of a leak.

Typically, you can repair a leak by either tightening the connection or replacing a damaged O-ring. Turn the water off and have a bucket under the connection before attempting any repair project to protect spilling or spraying water in your home.

Replace HVAC Filters

Air filters in your HVAC system improve your home’s air quality by removing airborne contaminants. A clogged filter not only fails to clean your indoor air, but it can actually damage your furnace or air conditioner blower. Protect your appliances and maintain fresh indoor air by replacing your filters frequently. Most filters need to be replaced every three-to-six months, but some recommend monthly replacement if you have pets or allergies.

Check Landscape Drainage

Don’t let water pool around your home, or you could experience flooding in your basement or crawlspace. Check for standing water around your home to see if your landscaping doesn’t have the proper drainage. Another great way to check the drainage of your property is using survey equipment. Use this equipment to see the grade of your yard. Verify that your yard gently slopes away from your home, rather than towards it.

Check your landscape drainage regularly to prevent flooding by ensuring proper water flow away from your home, especially when using survey equipment to assess the grade of your yard. Consider installing a stainless steel grate drainage system to enhance the effectiveness of your drainage solutions and safeguard your property against water damage.

Caulk Windows

Caulk is used around your doors, windows and other exterior features to prevent water from leaking into your home. While caulk is designed to be used outdoors, it can still become dry and crack. Inspect the caulk around your entire home every year to look for signs of damage. Summer is a great time to use a caulk gun and sharp knife to perform this maintenance project. Simply cut away any old, cracked caulk, wipe the area to remove debris and apply a new bead of exterior-rated caulk.

Maintain Your Home With the Right Tools

Don’t let a few minor maintenance issues cause long-term damage to your home or affect your home’s value. Shop for tools and survey equipment at Engineer Supply to prepare for a maintenance task today. Enjoy affordable rates on professional-grade tools before you take on one of these simple tasks.

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