Smart INNtelligent CRM Software Lights Up The Way to Inevitable Business Success

Smart INNtelligent CRM Software Lights Up The Way to Inevitable Business Success

Hospitality and hotels are no longer the innocent institutions that hosted families and provided facilities for functions. Just like the pet industry, hotels have soared high into the sky, as tall as the mighty mountain peaks and equally alluring. Those who wish to climb the peaks would agree that hotel success is similarly challenging. The letters CRM contain a delightful secret. The customers that have always ruled businesses of every dimension have to be pampered and made to feel great. Every little advert on the television and in the newspaper aims for the same. Win the heart and soul of the customers, and loyalty is assured. INNtelligent CRM aims to do just that and succeeds dramatically.

Are you not thinking of all those delightful activities?

Whether it is a dream cruise or a restaurant party, an evening at the casino, or a business meeting at the resort, travel is never far from the hospitality sector. What would life mean if we were rooted to the spot like a tree? No wonder those mighty hotel chains have spread their wings far and wide, making millions perhaps, but struggling all night long! There is no sitting back and not a moment to lose. Isn’t it a lucky godsend that the CRM software shares the burden and provides respite by putting things together so well. It is an age of robots all right, and the one in the office within the computer proves that the impossible can be achieved.

Hotel Sales Reporting Software

Selling dreams through intense personal relationships

Compared to the philosophy that life essentially is one big dream with no substance or reality, the fundamental building blocks of the hospitality business like any other is the charmed life. People see life differently from within the azure swimming pool and the spectacular resort. Customers are not compelled but wish to share in the dream vision. Communicating the essence of the hotel experience, whether it is the spic and span rooms and the food or the transport and travel booking facilities, the spa and the sports, software achieves what many humans cannot.

Join hands with the super software

The superhuman task of keeping records of thousands of guests and following up with personal inquiries, reminders and greetings, discount offers, and promoting loyalty can only be achieved digitally. That is the new world order now that the little devices have proved to be a profound blessing. The apps are so very convenient, and almost every organization and even individuals have some of them. Getting better and more meaningful by the day, half the waking hour is spent on work, social media, and showbiz, staring at tiny screens all day long.

Why should the hotels not play the same game and entice with creative advertising and make the customer feel cared for? That is easily said when you consider the sea of guests floating in and out of the hotel premises each day. Though it may sound beyond human ability, INNtelligent CRM software possesses the power and the skills, the design, and the excellence to make a difference. AI has reached far indeed, and people do appear a little stupid, but the programs were made by human engineers after all. Like a building with many floors, each segment of the CRM targets a different aspect of that sprawling hospitality company. A few clicks would suffice to recall all the relevant information in this vast storehouse of knowledge.


Building lasting relationships through social media

Whatever the size and scale of the hospitality setting, some things are similar, like the links to social media that is the final seal of approval. In a world where pictures of dishes travel the globe in an instant and comparisons of hotel rooms, prices, waiter uniforms, and the corporate culture are hotly debated on social media sites, and competition keeps the flame burning. Suitable for the standards that are continually getting a thumbs up globally.

Living in the cloud is the norm

Cloud nine, shall we call it? It is high time that we decongest the electronic spaces and the software within computers. Accommodating mighty files safely in the cloud would benefit individuals and organizations alike. And so let it be for a new generation that is affluent and likes to travel, eat out often and appreciate the more beautiful things of life. It is a world of sparkling color on a million screens and on dresses and cars, buildings and offices. The previous generation does appear drab in comparison, technology-wise, at least.

Get ready for repeat customers

It seems like a living dream. Traditional businesses of the olden days had their regular customers perhaps through generations. In an age of start-ups now with no past to think about, it would still be possible to make a mark with hotel guests with the old world feelings and sentiments by establishing a personal relationship. In other words, the whims and fancies of customers like the fondness for a particular room facing the sea or a specific dish that includes a variety of meats would be remembered. Who will remember so many details? records each and every bit that will count.

Like persuading a little child with a new toy, even aging guests can be reached out to with tokens on special occasions like a bunch of flowers or a message wishing them a happy new year also after they have left the hotel premises. While such messaging and goodwill gifts may be practiced even by the little shops down the street, hotels get closer to customers emotionally. Such is the loving nature of the hospitality profession.

Building such a caring Hotel CRM from scratch does appear like an impossible dream, but the INNtelligent CRM will illuminate the path through the deep forest of immensely competitive business. The tug of war to attract the most critical guests is being fought across the media and globally. Attracting them for that initial visit to the hotel or spa or swimming pool, restaurant, or shopping arcade is the primary task. Once they arrive and get a taste of the soulful warmth and the feeling that pervades the buildings, staff, and the grounds, maybe they will remain for a generation and more.

The writer carries a record of three decades of senior management service in Asian hotels. Recommending the INNtelligent CRM software package, he considers such a system absolutely compulsory for the hotel at all levels. The company may be reached at INNtelligent CRM.

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