5 Helpful Tips for Purchasing the Right Enerpac Cylinders

5 Helpful Tips for Purchasing the Right Enerpac Cylinders

Just because you know how to use a hydraulic pump unit, doesn’t necessarily mean you are an expert in identifying the replacement parts required to fix it. Unfortunately, no matter what size, any downtime of your hydraulic system can – and will – result in a loss in both time and money. Instead of waiting for a commercial repair service to determine the exact Enerpac cylinders required to fix your unit, use these helpful tips to ensure you get the correct replacement cylinder for your repair.

Choose the Correct Cylinder Types

Depending on what type of application your hydraulic pump unit is used for determines the exact hydraulic cylinder type required. Although the rod extending from the cylinder is all one solid piece, the choices of standard cylinders range in length and are often slightly shorter in length than the cylinder body. However, it is important to remember many cylinder types for specialized equipment will not utilize standard cylinder sizes. While there are some more universal fit cylinder options, custom replacement cylinders are available to fit specific dimensions, mounts, or load capacities.

Another cylinder type is the telescopic cylinder. Compared to standard options, the telescopic cylinder is smaller and the rod uses shorter pieces which extend the stroke of the cylinder. Each stage (or piece) of the rod is located in the barrel (also known as the main) of the rod to allow for a more extended cylinder stroke.

Determine the Acting Option

Enerpac Cylinders and other hydraulic cylinder options are either single or double acting. The type of acting option will determine what the hydraulic connection used at the cylinder base will be.

In a single acting cylinder, the pressurized hydraulic fluid is pushed through the hose to the cylinder, up the rod, and back out of the cylinder. The load (or weight of the equipment) is used to simultaneously retract the cylinder rod and pump the liquid out of the cylinder.

As it sounds, double-acting cylinders have two connections instead of the solitary one used in single acting cylinders. The connection locations are at the top and bottom of the cylinder, and the hydraulic system controls both extension and retraction of the rod. Therefore, it is essential to ensure all the measurements of your system before placing an order for the correct replacement cylinder.

Look for Common System Failures

When a hydraulic pump unit fails, the entire system doesn’t function. In most cases, the reason for the failure is due to either faulty seals within the hydraulic cylinder or defective piston rings. However, before looking for replacement Enerpac cylinders, you should establish for sure that the piston rod is not bent and that the current cylinders are not cracked or swelling in any way.

Ensure You Have All Other Requirements on Hand

Before completing any maintenance or repairs on your hydraulic pump unit, you should always ensure you have all the necessary equipment. These items include but are not limited to:

• Cylinder rod(s)
• Lubrication
• Rings
• Seals
• Any tools you will require for replacement

Remember: Before taking apart the cylinder, you should always look over a diagram of the hydraulic system to ensure you are familiar with the unique layout of your hydraulic system and to familiarize yourself with all parts of the unit.

Know When to Seek Professional Help

Before you ever attempt to undertake any repairs on your own, you should always do a careful visual inspection of the device after disassembly. This inspection includes all bolts, input valves, the cylinder bore, and pistons. If you identify any damages (cracks, bends, etc.), you should always take your system to an experienced hydraulics repair store.

Determining the correct cylinder type and acting option is essential to your purchase. If you are having any difficulty in determining which hydraulic cylinder you require, please feel free to talk with one of our Empire Rigging experts today at 844-728-1171, or you can email us at customerservice@empirerigging.com.

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