5 Important Considerations to Keep in Mind When Looking for Lifting Chain Slings

5 Important Considerations to Keep in Mind When Looking for Lifting Chain Slings

There will come a time in any heavy lift professional’s life that Lifting Chain Slings will need to be bought or replaced. Purchasing equipment that will be used to lift extreme loads is an important process that requires an understanding and strict adherence to the limitations of any products used. Safety in heavy lift work is paramount, and safety comes from choosing good products and using them properly. This article will explore 5 important ideas you can keep in mind when looking to replace old lifting chain slings or buy completely new ones.

1. Chain Size

As the name indicates, all lifting chain slings utilize metal chains as a part of their construction. However, great variation can occur between slings based on the thickness of the chains used. Thicker chain size generally means a heavier lifting load, but, of course, there are trade-offs. Larger chains can be more difficult to move or operate and, as a result, may not be ideal for all situations. Chain size should be chosen carefully based on manufacturer-provided load lifting limits and the needs of your job site.

2. Sling Arrangement

Possibly the greatest difference between chain sling products is in the arrangement of the chains. While we won’t dive into the physics rules that make such things true, different arrangements of chains allow for weight distribution that makes the effective safe load much higher. For example, a dual leg sling is able to lift almost double that of a single leg sling.

However, load lift is not the only consideration, of course. Loads need to be balanced and stabilized, and it is sling arrangement that determines how well a load can be balanced.

3. Environment of Use

The environment you will be using lifting chain slings in actually might have a major effect on what type of sling you ultimately buy. While this consideration is going to be subject to some research on your job site, major factors to keep in mind are factors like presence of salt water, extremely cool temperatures, or extremely hot temperatures. Using chain slings near ocean environments is likely to require the purchase of coated chain slings to prevent dangerous corrosion.

4. Brand

Knowing the brands that create your products is remarkably important for getting products you will be satisfied with and that will live up in quality to the demands of your work. While most consumer brands produce quality chains, each company has different specialties and a different legacy. Finding a company you trust will give you peace of mind and higher likelihood of getting to know the unique nuances of your equipment.

5. Supplier

Finding a supplier that can work well with you and the needs of your business can, in the long run, save you money, time, and headaches. Trustworthy suppliers are able to not only get you the best prices on slings but also advise you and help you ensure you are getting products. A supplier with a knowledgeable team should not be underestimated; in all likelihood, they’ll know about the latest improvements, innovations, and new products before you do.

When considering which supplier you are going to order from, it’s especially important to research their shipping policies in advance. When ordering heavy chain slings, shipping prices can become incredibly expensive. Choosing a supplier that offers discounted or even free shipping can end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.

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