7 Reasons Why Custom Kraft Boxes a Sensible Choice for Product Packaging?

7 Reasons Why Custom Kraft Boxes a Sensible Choice for Product Packaging?

Custom Kraft Boxes are popular in the packaging industry, ever wonder why? Let us tell you:

  1. As the name suggests, kraft boxes can be manufactured in any custom sizes or shapes like:

Window Boxes, Sleeve Boxes, Paper Bags, Die Cut Boxes, Pillow Boxes, Kraft Window Bag Boxes, Custom Retail Boxes, Gable Boxes, White Kraft Boxes, Apparel Boxes, Soap Boxes, tuck in Kraft Boxes with Logo or kraft boxes with lids.

Custom Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes in the market are also available in custom colors:

Black, White, Natural Brown or Bleached.

  1. Kraft papers are great for packaging lighter weighting products like earphones, ties, scarves, silks, jewelry, soaps etc. They can have extra linings for added strength yet these boxes are preferred for smaller items.
  2. Natural Kraft Boxes are environment-friendly, as they are made from chemical waste during Kraft process. So if your company is eco-friendly, these bio-degradable kraft boxes will both benefit our mother earth and give your products extra points in customers’ eyes.
  3. You can have natural Kraft Boxes with logo, but we suggest to keep the printing of Custom Product Boxes to the logo printing and maybe a light pattern. These boxes look elegant and original without any printing and make you stand out as mysterious in the world of colorful and revealing printed packaging boxes.
  4. You can also have this Custom Packaging Boxes embossed, foiled or engraved in metallic or other stamps for a more classic outlook.
  5. Aside from product-based business, kraft boxes are great for giveaways and as gift boxes. You can use them to give out party favors, souvenirs, and corporate giveaways in style. Custom Product Boxes will add a little surprise effect to these little Knick knacks.
  6. Kraft paper material also made for great, recyclable paper bags that can be used by grocery stores, fashion brands, drug stores, bakeries and other eatery businesses. Many kraft boxes manufacturers like OXO Packaging in the USA, also make kraft paper bags for your convenience.

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