Best Structural Design Consultants in India

Best Structural Design Consultants in India

Quality check is one of the greatest concerns while or before going to do any work. Specially, with the civil engineering work, a quality check is done on the material used to design the structure, the land on which the structure is going to stand, social security of the place, the facilities available at that place, environmental conditions at the place and various things like this. civil engineering companies like Prajukti, do various tests like checking the depth of carbonation, checking the dust samples, checking the concentration of chloride and type of cement, checking the pulse velocity etc. by doing all the tests, the planning for the perfect design becomes easier.

Most of the structural design consultants suggest to do such tests before buying the land for the home so that if there’s any fault then you can look for another land. It’s better for your security and for the security of the structure also. structural design consultants at Prajukti are the people who will always suggest you the best strategies to get a perfect and peaceful place to live. At the end, we want to see you and your family happy and safe. 

The depth of carbonation can be measured on an exposed surface of the concrete at the place by chipping the drilled hole. A chemical indicator is applied to do so. The colour change will show the difference in alkalinity between carbonated and non-carbonated concrete. This test is done by using the solution of 1% phenolphthalein in diluted ethyl alcohol which is used as an indicator which changes each colour from transparent to purple-pink as the PH value of above 10 rises. This indicates the depth of carbonation of the surface. Consequently, the outer carbonated layer of concrete retains its natural colour while the un-carbonated stained pink. For this test to be successful, one condition is there that has to be taken care of. That condition is, this test can be applied only on freshly exposed surfaces and surface should be free from dust.

The structural assessment also includes testing of the dust samples whether is of the land or of an existing structure. This tests on the duct are done to check and determine the percentage of chloride in the concrete. This is done by using the Sherwood Model 926 Chloride Analyzer. This analyser gives the perfect reading so that it can help to plan the material to be used to make the structure. The results of the analyser are usually expressed as the chloride iron content (CI) by weight of the concrete samples including the aggregate. This is then converted to the chloride ion by weight of cement after determination of cement percentage content. 

Corrosion is one of the greatest problems that can provide deep damage to the structure. The concentration of the chloride, alkalinity and the type of cement used to decide the chloride content in concrete. This can result in damage to steel reinforcement. So, the maximum chloride content should be according to the standard set by code specifications mentioned in CIRIA 2002. This is taken care  by prajukti’s civil engineer while making the plan for your home. Your place is so made that, it become strongest and safest for you and your family.


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