Choose Best Pre Engineered Buildings Consultants

Choose Best Pre Engineered Buildings Consultants

Keep your construction environment friendly…!

Each and every element in nature is equally important and every human should understand it and try to preserve lives of as many as species you can. The industry is already affecting nature in many ways like pollution of air and water. Due to this many animals and birds are being affected and suffered. According to the survey of American Bird Conservancy and the Smithsonian Institution, approximately 330 million to one billion birds die annually in the USA from window strikes. In the UK, the British Trust for Ornithology have done the survey and concluded that up to 30 million birds die this way every year. The loss at this scale with climate change and other factors are alarming for global loss of wildlife and degradation of ecosystems. In addition to this, window strikes are distressing for building occupants. As architects, we tend to use glass to connect people with nature and to enjoy the view from the balcony, but when the same is done in a wrong way then the same glass can literally kill the nature we seek to connect with. The construction industry should look upon this serious issue and make the various ways to build in such a way that it will not affect any element of nature. Most of the peb companies are looking forward to taking this initiative. Prajukti is one of the best peb companies which will provide you the best solution upon how you can build an environment friendly home which is safe and sound for you and your family also. 

Most of the time, Window strikes occur near places where birds rest and forage, from the ground up to tree canopy level at buildings. The glass creates an illusion of the reflection of the sky. Birds assume they can fly to greenery and sky which is reflected in the glass. The illusion is stronger when there are plants behind the glass. Bird strikes are especially problematic during the season of migration, when sparrows, buntings, warblers and other species pass through towns and cities. The structural designers at prayukti definitely will suggest you the best practices to avoid such birdy accidents. 

New York City has passed new regulations in the month of January 2020 emainding all new buildings and major renovations to use ‘bird-safe’ construction from early 2021. Specifically, 90% of wall surfaces below 75 feet (23 m) and glass surfaces one storey above green roofs have to be bird-safe. 

The industry should grow towards bird-safe construction. The solution is there, one of the main options for bird-safe construction is patterned glass. Patterned glass prevents an illusion and collisions by making glass visible to birds. There are different types in it. Effective patterns in glasses have a density with spacing under 50 mm pacing, with markings at least 5 mm around. Denser patterns can also help you in other ways such as it can also potentially reduce solar heat gain. So, it is all the way convenient to your home.

Prajukti will be there for you to have the solution for your nature friendly home, do visit the online portal by following the link given below and do not forget to have a look on pre engineered buildings by prajukti.

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