Commercial Pallet Racking System: All that You Should Know

Commercial Pallet Racking System: All that You Should Know

Storage is something that you need everywhere.  Whether it is residential, official or commercial space, having optimum storage is a must to keep the place well-organized and de-cluttered. There are many pieces of furniture that can solve the purpose. One such storing system which has gained popularity and is also very durable are the commercial pallet racking. These racking systems are designed to store heavy duty good in a safe and secure manner.  With these racks, you can keep the things well-arranged and access them in times of need. Pallet racks are one of the strongest racks which can be used to keep heavyweights.

Commercial Pallet Racking

Commercial Pallet Racking

Key points to consider while buying commercial pallet racking system

Pallet racks are used extensively in commercial industries. It is used to place heavy things. Sometimes, heavy trucks, bikes, motorcycles, heavy goods are placed on the pallet racks. Since pallet racks are used for keeping products, it is essential to note a few key points for that needs to be considered for building pallet racks.

#1. Size of the racks:

While choosing the commercial pallet racking system for your use, you must consider the size of the rack. This depends on what commodity will it stack. They are used basically in heavy steel industries and automobile industries where the goods are very heavy. The size therefore needs to be in respect of that. Talking about the size, there are two things that define the size of the racks. One is the length and the other is the breadth. The breadth of the rack should be proportionate to the height of the commodity and the length should be proportionate to the corresponding length. Few inches extra should be taken for convenience.

#2. Space availability:

One of the factors that you must never miss is the space of storage. Based on how much space you have to store products, you must choose the type and number of pallet racks. If you cannot figure it out yourself, then you can ask the seller about the same, they will advise you with the right kind and number of pallets.

#3. Material used for making pallets:

Since the goods are going to be of heavy-weight, one must consider to have a second look at the materials, that are going to be used to make pallets. The materials that are being used to make the pallets should be able to resist the weight of the goods. At the same time, it should be too heavy as well.

#4. The shape of the pallets:

There are many shapes of the pallets. Pallets are used for keeping many things like vehicles, heavy goods, etc. Therefore, the shape of the pallets should be like that so as to keep the goods on it properly. So, one has to be decisive about the shape of the pallets.

#5. Type of pallets:

When it comes to commercial pallet racking systems then there are different types of pallet racking available in the market. Here are the common types of pallets:

  1. Single-deep system- These are the common type of pallets which are readily available. They are good for low-density storage.
  2. Double-deep system- In this one pallet is stored behind the other .
  3. Push-back systems- It can store around 5 loads from each side thus giving you additional storage space.
  4. Drive-in racking systems- They are good for dense storage.

In addition to this there are other types like live storage, cantilever, shuttle racking and gravity flow system. Based on your requirement you can choose a certain type.

#6. Goodwill of the commercial pallet racking company:

There are many companies that make pallet racks. However, it is necessary that you choose that company which has goodwill. One should invest in the company which has served for years in this business. Feedbacks of customers are an important tool to analyze the goodwill of a company. The one thing that you can do is visit the company’s website and look for the reviews section. There you can get honest feedbacks which can guide you in your cause. Therefore, the goodwill of the company is important.

In addition to this, there are other types like live storage, cantilever, shuttle racking and gravity flow system. Based on your requirement you can choose a certain type.

Commercial Pallet Racking

Commercial Pallet Racking

 ConclusionCommercial pallet racking systems are used extensively for commercial and industrial purposes. It is used to keep heavy goods. One needs to be sure of the material of the pallets while using them. The goods placed on pallet racks are way costlier and expensive, that is why, one should always invest in the racking system which is durable and long-lasting. The above-mentioned points will help you in making the right choice.

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