Diesel Concrete Pump Maintenance

Diesel Concrete Pump Maintenance

A diesel concrete pump is a very useful machine, but will only stay useful in the event you maintain it correctly. To make sure your pump is working at its best, you have to complete certain maintenance tasks at set intervals. These tasks can be handled by many people and will prolong the lifespan of your own equipment.

The Daily Maintenance

After each day useful, there are particular maintenance tasks you should complete. The initial one is to grease your back end from the pump. You also have to look at the oil levels and top this up when it is low.

This type of water box for the grout should also be checked and you must dump the liquid in it. If you can find any blown fuses, you need to replace them before you start the machine again. As being the pump is diesel, you should check the fuel levels, steering fluid, radiator fluid as well as the pressure of your tires.

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The Weekly Maintenance

Once a week, or after 40 hours useful, you must look into the grease pod. If everything is fine, you need to then ensure that all of the boom filter gauges are in the green. Should they be not, you will have to use the correct steps to rectify this. Should you be unclear about the steps, you must find specifics about this inside your owner’s manual.

You also need to make sure that all of the prop switches will work correctly. There are many maintenance tasks that you need to complete for that truck. This can include checking the alternator, belts and lug nuts.

Three-Weekly Maintenance

After around 100 hours useful or every three weeks, you will have to grease the entire boom such as the turret. This can guarantee the boom moves smoothly and there is not any grinding when in use. While greasing the boom, you must also search for any leaks or damaged gaskets in the boom.

After checking the boom, you will need to take a look at the hoses. You should check if there is any dry-rotting and bubbling combined with the hose. Abrasions and cracks should also be looked for since this is able to reduce the effectiveness of the concrete pump for sale in Kenya.

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At this point, you also have to look at the switchover cylinders along with the cutting ring pretension. You will additionally need to determine the brake pads and airlines of your truck together with the belt tensioner. As you may look at the truck, you also have to ensure you will find no loose bolts inside the frame.

Six-Weekly Maintenance

Every six or seven weeks or 250 hours of use, you need to affect the oil and repack the cylinders when there is any oil within them. The blowout hose must be inspected and you have to discover the exhaust pipe. The transmission must be greased and you will have to alter the boom and main tank filters.

There are numerous maintenance tasks that you should complete to keep your diesel concrete pump work on its best. These tasks should be carried out on a schedule based on the utilization of the pump.

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