Reshaping the Digital Radio & Podcasting Industry

Reshaping the Digital Radio & Podcasting Industry

Love to listen to the audio or love to share your thoughts in your voice? Then you must be familiar with podcasting and broadcasting industry. If not, then don’t get worried. Read here.

Let’s explore the terms Podcasting & Broadcasting

Podcasting is the medium of expressing your ideas, thoughts, views on any subject. You can share your opinions on business startups, technologies, tutorials, jobs, politics, religion and much more. Broadcasting is the spreading your audio blogs or video content over the internet via signals and frequency.

In combined form, it’s nothing more than creating the audio blogs on your preferred concept and spread over the social channels. Sharing your matter in communities across the world is very helpful which further enhances the knowledge and provide solutions to several problems to others through your experience.

Digital Radio & Podcasting Industry

The podcasting platforms are free where you just need your minicomputer, microphones and internet connection to start your audio blog to express your imaginary world and share your creative thoughts. In today’s schedule, bloggers are switching towards the podcasting industry as no script and detailed information is required. Just the topic and your thoughts are needed to record. Writing blogs needs the time to finalize the flow of content and reading blogs is also time-consuming according to today’s busy schedule of every individual.

Instead of reading and writing, podcasting is the time saving and effective method to share the information as audio blogs can listen anywhere and anytime. Just need the earphones and internet connection and you are online to listen to any podcasts whether you’re driving, doing shopping, gymming, gardening, or in fact in office hours as well. The compatibility of podcasts with the busy schedule is the reason for the switch in the industry. The other names of the podcasts are audio entertainment, audio-on-demand, talk show online, phone radio and much more. Your objective can be solved via digital radio.

Growth in the podcasting sector

If we go into the past decade only will notice a huge growth in every sector but the increase in podcasting sector is more. As the clock is moving, technology is also enhancing. We have switched from the traditional radio to the digital radio to stay updated in the world, tech. In fact, with the busy routine, everyone prefers to listen to motivational speeches, news, music, opinions and more instead of watching videos and reading lengthy articles.

There were approx. 55000 podcasts on the internet in 2018 which were confirmed by Apple. The percentage of podcasts and the listeners is increased rapidly and it’s about 32% in 2019 as compared to 26% in 2018. These are the projections of only US individuals who prefer to listen to the podcast monthly.

Now Let’s check the reshaping of the digital & podcasting industry

There were several issues in the digital & podcasting sector to which blockchain has given the solution. Blockchain is the new enhanced technology based on the blocks, as per the name, which has given them more secure and transparent platforms with the integration of its features. In 2008, the blockchain was invented for the bitcoin to act as a distributed ledger. It is safer as the data alteration isn’t allowed without altering the subsequent blocks. The designs are more reliable which solved the issue of double-spending without the involvement of the third party trusted authorities.

The existing of the podcasting sector are – discoverability, ad frauds, monetization, fake reviews, on-time payments, micro-payments, security and more. To these issues, a new platform with the integration of blockchain technology has given the solutions.

The new platform is PodMiners. It is a blockchain-based free digital radio used by content creators and consumers for podcasting and broadcasting. The platform has eliminated the ad frauds by creating a bridge between consumers and advertisers. It also eliminated the involvement of the third party for timely payment or transactions. This platform will also support the micro-payments without any delays in the transaction. The PodMiners has given solution to the fake reviews issues which hurt thee online reputation of the content creators. It provides complete transparency to the consumers, content creators and advertisers.

There are several features in the queue for the future which will give an amazing experience. The host can reward the listener if he shares the content and listener can reward the host for unique and great content. There is a life calling feature and live streaming as well. The enhanced features will allow you to record and edit the audio within the platform.

The future scope of this platform is very vast as the coming future is the time of the digital world. Through a digital radio, it will be very easy to broadcast various shows at once. Very soon, the FM broadcasting will be replaced with the digital radio and in fact, the vehicles’ will also have it.

Shortly and in fact in today’s time as well, everyone is busy with their routine. Due to which individuals prefer to listen to the podcasts instead of reading and watching videos. The podcast can be listened to at any time and anywhere. So, if you love your voice or fan of podcasts, then signup on the free podcasting platform and give words to your imaginary world and share with people like you.

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