Employ A Trusted Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer – Aimix Group

Employ A Trusted Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer – Aimix Group

Deciding on the best, reliable asphalt drum mix plant could only be achieved when you work with a reliable manufacturer. With the market being what it is now, you can purchase this important equipment from your company which makes it around the globe. This will make the process of seeking one easier that you can view most products available for purchase online at manufacturer websites. But, you continue to need to find the manufacturer carefully.

Not every manufacturer has got the proven experience or reputation to offer you the assurance you want how the equipment you buy will likely be intended to industry standards or that they can give you a high-quality degree of service both on your purchase process and afterward.

What in case you seek out when selecting a manufacturer? One of the primary things should be their history. In the event you search Aimix Group you will recognize that these people have a long reputation of over 30 years providing brands like yours with reliable mixing plants.

While searching for a good product, you can easily find lots of information from the manufacturer’s website. When you visit Aimix you will find that they clearly list all the details with regards to their top asphalt drum mix plants. These details are the productivity in the machine when it comes to tons an hour. Additionally, they add the power, the drum drying capacity, the fuel consumption, the fuel type and what aggregates the machine can handle.


It is simple to research the reputation how the company has online. You will immediately discover that Aimix Group has one of the better reputations around. Their clientele provide them with excellent feedback. If you compare their reputation with many other companies you are going to quickly find that some companies do not possess the grade of machinery that they can do and in addition they do not possess the level of service Aimix has.

An excellent advantage you get with this company is how good they react to your inquiries. They may be seriously interested in utilizing you to help you receive the best machine for the best price. They will likely reply to emails or calls promptly. Simply request an estimate and you will notice immediately how good they respond.

Their customer satisfaction is first-rate. They feature a solid service agreement with the acquisition of some of their asphalt drum mix plants. They look after customers as soon as they make a purchase and not just before.

The business was formed in 1982 in the Shangjie District, Xingyang City, China. They can be a sizable firm that has over 1000 people working there. They are some of the most reputable companies in China. They have CE certification along with an ISO 9001 certification. It is possible to depend on their expertise in the engineering of the machines as well as their sales, shipment, and repair of them.

They are many different asphalt mix plants including mobile plants and stationary plants. They also have portable batching plants and drum mix asphalt plants for sale. Should you be looking to find the best asphalt drum mix plant, Aimix is definitely the company to attend.

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