Is the Kunkle Safety Valve for Me?

Is the Kunkle Safety Valve for Me?

Safety valves are an integral part of any steam management system. In truth, these kinds of systems couldn’t even function without something like the Kunkle safety valve. Safety valves are necessary to protect employees, property, and visitors. They help to stave off any sort of unnecessary injury or damage. You need these kinds of safety valves because they are required to keep your workplace up to code. You also want a safety valve that you know will stay strong over the years. A safety valve breaking down will bring your entire workplace to an immediate halt, so you need lasting quality and toughness.

Safety valves are generally used with compressible gases like air and steam. They can also be used for processing applications where they prevent product from spoiling or to protect the plant as a whole. Generally, a safety valve is a self-acting spring loaded device that provides protection from an overabundance of steam or other gas. Depending upon the specifications of your safety needs, a safety valve can output buildup to a discharge system or, in some cases, can vent the fluid directly into the atmosphere. When looking at purchasing a kunkle safety valve, it’s important to know all the options available to you. Whether or not you want a full or half-nozzle safety valve, IndustrialZone has you covered with our incredibly detailed catalogue of valves. Buying a kunkle safety valve can help ensure that you pass inspection with the North American National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

IndustrialZone is a trusted provider of any kind of safety valve, so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product and will receive your order on time. You can even make an account with us, making future orders and support incredibly easy. We ship to any country in the world (subject to US export laws,) so you can have access to a Kunkle safety valve anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, we offer pages upon pages of various models of safety valves by Kunkle, and have options available to help you fix any problems with your steam system. Just as an example, we can look at the Kunkle 0140-C01-ME0025. This is a new safety valve that only weighs two pounds and is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel. It has a pressure range from 0 to 25 psi, so you can put worry out of your mind. This model also comes at a fair price with many options to save more. For instance, buying these safety valves in bulk will help you save on your total order. In fact, if you are making a big order for your plant, you could save up to three-hundred and eighty-five dollars on your total order of this particular safety valve.

Have any questions? IndustrialZone is here to help. We service the entire world and are a leading force in total industrial supply. With big savings and easy shipping, you can be sure that your place of work is running smoothly and in the green. You can also take advantage of our free international shipping on orders totaling over three-hundred dollars. IndustrialZone’s helpful and professional staff is always here to help. Reach us by phone at (713-395-1508) or by email at ( We also have a Twitter account and a Facebook page where you can take part in a friendly and lively community of industrial suppliers and professionals. Leave the guesswork outside, and work with safety and confidence!

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