How Lithotripter Machines Can Help you Get Rid of Kidney Stones

How Lithotripter Machines Can Help you Get Rid of Kidney Stones

Lithotripter or Lithotripsy machines are considered to be one of the best pieces of technology used for the removal/elimination of kidney stones. Not only these provide an effective method of removing kidney stones, but the whole process can also be painless and done in a matter of hours.

Today, a number of hospitals and medical centers make use of lithotripter machine for treatment of kidney stones. The machines are mainly manufactured and imported by various different trusted Lithotripter manufacturers.


Lithotripsy Machine Treatment

The Lithotripsy machine can treat kidney stones by breaking the stones into smaller pieces. Once these stones are crumbled to finer pieces, they can easily pass through urine and get eliminated from the body.

In past times, there were several methods of treatment for kidney stones removal, including both invasive and non-invasive methods. Different treatment methods may be required according to a person’s age, current condition and pain tolerance level. Different medications might also be provided according to the treatment method. With the introduction of Lithotripsy, most methods are found to be ineffective.

While you must always consult with your doctor before opting for any treatment, Lithotripsy will still be by far the best way to get rid of kidney stones. With the use of the lithotripsy machine, there is no need for any surgery. You do not need to get any kind of surgery before or after the procedure.

The Working of Lithotripter Machine

The Lithotripter machine breaks the kidney stones into finer pieces by using high-energy shock waves. This proves to be an effective method as it greatly reduces the time taken for the procedure to get completed. However, the total time required may vary according to the person’s case and condition. These can include where the kidney stones are located, is the location difficult to gauge, and the size of the stones to be removed.

The machine starts by examining the body of the patient. It then starts to look for kidney stones within a target area of 1.5m of the focus reflector. Once the machine spots the kidney stones, it starts to align itself in the position to begin the procedure.

The kidney stones are crumbled into smaller pieces using the high shock wave, which allows them to be eliminated from the patient’s body by getting passed through the urine.

Damaging Effects of Kidney Stones

It is important that you get your kidney stones treatment as soon as possible. If you have kidney stones, you must consult with your doctor immediately. Kidney stones can have a lasting damaging effect on your body. This can lead to severe complications such as constant pain, permanent damage to kidneys, urinary tract infections, excessive bleeding etc.

Things to Know Before Treatment

Before starting on the Lithotripsy treatment, your doctor will inform you about several things you must take care of. The surgeon will ask you to stop taking medicines that can thin your blood. These include medicines like Warfarin or Aspirin, which can make it hard for your blood to clot. The doctor will also ask you to not consume anything before the start of the procedure. You must also lessen your water intake and any medicine must be ingested with minimal water sips.

With the use of Lithotripter machines, doctors and patients can both save their time. The process is quick and does not require any complex procedures. The machine has greatly simplified the process of eliminating kidney stones.

Lithotripter Machines can be found in wide usage all across the world in major health centers and hospitals. In order to get more information on lithotripter machines, you can visit.

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