Picking A Self Loading Concrete Mixer UK

Picking A Self Loading Concrete Mixer UK

A self-loading concrete mixer has become a bit of essential equipment inside the construction industry, particularly for contractors trying to jump ahead of their competitors. It saves lots of money by reducing on the number of operators required for mixing concrete and by delivering consistent product quality. While there are numerous of features of a self-loading mixer, choosing one can be a bit intimidating for the first time buyer.

You will find a large number of options in terms of configurations, brands, manufacturers, styles, designs, processing capacity, and various other parameters. Picking the right one is an overwhelming experience. Here is what you should learn about picking the right self-loading concrete mixer:

Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale UK

Deciding on the best Processing Capacity

As stated within the opening paragraphs, these mixers can be purchased in a huge range of processing capacities. A typical mistake manufactured by beginners is because they buy as much capacity as they are able manage to buy. While it may seem being one of the most intuitive choice however it is not a good idea to get excess capacity. Making an investment in a surplus capacity that is certainly not being utilized locks up precious capital that could have been productively used elsewhere.

Furthermore, it boosts the operational costs if you operate the concrete mixer at under optimum capacity utilization. It is best to acquire a smaller capacity mixer and run it multiple times as opposed to investing in a higher capacity mixer and operating it at under optimum capacity utilization.

Choosing the Right Kind of Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixers are of two main types including batch mixers and continuous type mixers. A volumetric or continuous type concrete mixer is sensible for big projects where concrete is needed in huge quantities and specification mix fails to change frequently. A batch type mixer is right for projects in which the specification mix is changed frequently. Pick the best kind of mixer depending on the projects you undertake.

Selecting the best Mixer for the Location

Not every construction sites are easily accessible although with a self loading concrete mixer for sale UK, you will find the choice of purchasing a type that may be suited to a particular terrain.

Be aware of Fuel Efficiency

Not every types of self-loading mixers offer excellent fuel efficiency. Many buyers ignore fuel efficiency when choosing a new mixer nonetheless they quickly discover the main advantages of a fuel-efficient mixer, specially when operating it in difficult terrains.

1.2 cbm Self Loading Mixer

After Sales Service

A concrete mixer, for its very nature, requires plenty of replacement parts. That is why it is essential to carefully consider the grade of after-sales support provided by different manufacturers. Without adequate after-sales support, you may battle to operate your mixer regularly.

Final Thoughts

A high quality self-loading concrete mixer provides the possibility to earn a considerable amount of profit for any contractor. However, it is essential to choose the right mixer. Be sure to choose the right processing capacity and the right type depending on the projects you undertake. Also, carefully consider its fuel efficiency and after-sales support network of the manufacturer to ensure that you can keep it running with no issues for several years to come.

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