Prajukti Best Structural Design Consultants

Prajukti Best Structural Design Consultants

Overcoming the barriers to digital transformation in the construction industry…!  Studying and looking after the facts about the construction industry, it is easily understandable that from a long time, the construction industry is lagging behind other sectors in the industry in digital working. Prajukti’s structural design consultants have been studying the facts and reasons about the lagging since really long. If you are also a gig in the construction industry then you must know that, Level 2 BIM was mandated in the year 2016, and since then, the UK Government has largely left the industry to do things on its own and implement BIM without any or much clarity and often mixed results.

In September 2019, Bluebeam made a survey in which it was concluded that 161 construction industry firms, mainly in the UK and Asia and across different experience and career levels. Their answers make it very clear that some valuable insights into the barriers holding the construction and many companies back from embracing digital transformation. To lead this construction industry towards better future using digital transformation many researches are done, prajukti has studied this all researhces and concluded that each research is focused on the cultural and behavioural barriers to digital transformation within the AEC businesses and opportunities for enhancement and improvement of the whole industry.

Following the survey and research, a roundtable discussion was held at the ICE London headquarters. In this meeting, mainly discussed topics were based on the cultural and behavioural barriers to digital transformation of the construction industry. structural design consultantsat prajukti are trying to bring the latest technologies in use so that the work will be faster and easier for all the professionals. 

Data collection is one of the important factors in digital transformation. Nowadays onsite digital data collection is in trend for most of the construction projects. Although data collection isn’t that collated in a standardized format common language, it is definitely in best practice and beneficial. In the old times, onsite data collection was not a concept, information was collected, checked, corrected, monitored and preserved in an ad hoc manner. Now most of the companies and organisations are starting to recognise the importance of data that can bring change to a project’s success.

In order to have digitalization of the construction industry, projects can now include latest and trending technologies like AI or machine based-learning which adds up value to multiple datasets in a way construction projects weren’t able to before. These technologies mainly include the precise sensor and monitors for collection of intelligent data. Everything is done with the help of this faster and with precision. Mainly other sectors in the industry are making the best and effective use of it and making a difference in the lives of many people. Construction industry can do the same and achieve the major milestones of success. 

Prajukti has the best structural engineering consultantswhich will provide you the best solution upon your structure and will help you to make it your best place. Have a look at prajukti’s previously designed structures by following the site below.

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