Sanitaryware Manufacturers Saving Water with Modern Bathroom Fittings and Technology

Sanitaryware Manufacturers Saving Water with Modern Bathroom Fittings and Technology

You may not have realized this but many sanitaryware manufacturers are now trying to help Mother Nature by creating water-saving sanitaryware products for the customers. You can save your money by saving water using these products. Your bathroom is the major consumer of the water and so it becomes a responsibility of you to prepare a strategy that will help you in saving water. We often fail to realize how much water we waste with every flush and a long shower. But, not anymore. Manufacturers of advanced sanitaryware products bring this post to make you aware of how you can save water and money by introducing simple changes to your bathroom.

1. Upgrade Toilet

You must be aware of the fact that the toilet is the major water wasting source present in the bathroom. In case your bathroom has that old, out-of-style toilet, it is the right time to act and upgrade it with an advanced and efficient toilet. There are dual flush toilets offering two flush systems that can be used for flushing urine and solid waste as needed. This half-flush and full-flush technology can make a huge impact on water-saving strategy by saving as much as 20% of water. There is no such compromising of aesthetics when you pick water-saving toilets over traditional toilets. You can get them in different designs and colors to match bathroom tiles.

2. Pay attention to your faucets

It makes sense to replace your leaking faucet and you must do it without having a second thought. While most households ignore the leaking faucets, they can never imagine the amount of water lost through those faucets. Even a single drop loss in every minute can make you lose several liters in a day. When you change the faucets with brand new and advanced faucets, you simply contribute to the environment. Water-saving faucets can make you save up to 30% of water. Moreover, these modern faucets are sleek in design and efficient at work.

3. Install water-efficient showers

You waste water when you spend long hours in a shower. It is true. But it is also true that today hardware manufacturers have many sanitaryware shower options to reduce water wastage. If you prefer a shower over bathing using a bucket, you can replace your existing water-wasting design with more efficient fitting. Manufacturers are already making the most efficient sanitaryware to suit your requirements. By using these products, you can actually save up to 40% of water and sometimes even more.

4. Work on the countertop

While transforming your bathroom, check your countertop material. It should be easy to clean and maintain. Quartzite and laminate may be becoming popular at present due to their appealing looks, but they provide high functionality. When you select such sanitaryware options, you end up spending more. This is it. This is the only short term disadvantage of these fittings. Talking about long-term benefits – you can save your money due to their minimal maintenance and cleaning feature. Manufacturers are focusing on producing fixtures and fittings that can save your water bills. Advanced fittings can save water without compromising the performance rating.

Water is a shared resource. If you are not using water efficiently or overusing it, someone else is losing it. Due to climatic changes, rainwater has diminished in amount. This affected the groundwater levels and at present, in India, there are 21 cities at risk of losing groundwater completely by 2020- Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad are on the top of the list. About 40% of India’s population will have zero access to drinking water in the coming 10 years.

Sanitaryware manufacturing companies are making a small step towards water-saving campaigns by producing water-efficient fittings and fixtures for global customers. If all hotels, restaurants, public washrooms, and high traffic washrooms install water-efficient sanitary ware, it can lead to a big impact on water consumption and wastage.

Bathroom fittings and other hardware fittings installed in your home can create a critical difference and save more amount of water. Instead of using old washed taps, you can try the advanced washerless taps that come with a ceramic disc instead of the rubber washer. These washerless taps are surely dripless technology that one can trust.

Installation of high performing showerheads can also help you a lot in saving water bills. We all love water so much that we never think twice while wasting it in a long bathing session. You can make a difference. Bring the water-efficient high-performing sanitaryware options that are truly designed for this purpose. Sanitaryware manufacturers are doing everything to continue this campaign of saving water. They even bring the most advanced technology every year to let you upgrade your bathroom with modern fittings. You can help the Earth in replenishing groundwater by not wasting it anymore.

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