Start Your Own Printing Press With An Offset Printing Machine

Start Your Own Printing Press With An Offset Printing Machine

Have you ever thought of starting your own printing press? If yes, then what is stopping you? Is it money or the incomplete knowledge of the machine in which you need to invest to ensure high production capacity? In case you are a newbie in the industry, let us help by informing you about an Offset Printing Machine. Everyone in the printing industry is aware of this machine owing to the incredible performance it provides. The machine allows the manufacturer to print images and text on the surface of the medium by transferring the ink from a metal plate to a rubber blanket, which is built upon heavy iron rollers.

The ban on plastic bags has inflated the use of non-woven and paper bags in different sectors. You can easily see that non-woven bags have taken the place of plastic ones in the grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and similar other places. Organizations are even marketing through these bags by printing their brands on them. The need for non-woven bags backed with marketing strategies raised the demand for the offset printing machines. The machines can provide clear and precise prints on non-woven bags of different sizes and designs.

In offset or mini offset printing machine, the matter can be flush with the surface of the plate, and for this, the credit goes to the heavy rollers, which are one of the most important components of the machine that performs most of the printing task. With the mini offset machine, you can transfer the print to the substrate surface hassle-freely. Be it any printing medium like a book, newspaper, or magazine; the offset printing machine will never let you down. 

The machine is no less than a boon for the printing industry. The way it can transfer the image flawlessly without any spillage of ink is commendable. The process in which the ink rollers draw the ink into the printed portion of the substrate is called lithography. The rollers also make sure to keep the ink away from the areas which are not meant to be printed. The different rollers, such as water roller, plate roller, offset roller, impression roller, and ink roller, are the main components of the mini offset printing machine.

The machine has excellent features that make it popular in the printing industry. Some of its main features are as follows:

  • Dampening system: The dampening system of the machine is backed with state-of-the-art technology and assists in enhancing efficiency and print quality. The system ensures that optimum use of every resource that results in less wastage. It delivers precise water volumes, higher spraying cycle frequency, and uniform dampening of the plate cylinder. It is completely programmable as backed with PLC controls.
  • Auto registration system: The advanced auto-registration system equipped with an intelligent camera helps in monitoring and controlling the entire printing machine without much human intervention. In case there is any deviation, the same is immediately corrected. The system comes with an easy to touch screen and user-friendly interface that makes it operation easier to understand by users with less technological knowledge. It helps in saving up to 80% of the operators to make the job easier and production smoother.
  • Inking System: The inking system is the advanced technology in which all the ink zones can be pre-set on CIP3/CIP4/TIFF/PDF file. There is no need to adjust ink keys manually as they can be monitored as well as controlled from the desk. With this system, you can make even the very first print tuned and corrected. It provides you with the option to increase or decrease the ink level in a particular area without any problem.
  • Pneumatic on/off controls: An easy to use system that comprises every on/off function of the machine. It allows users to switch on all the functions in one go so that the effort and time of the operator to reach out to each printing unit can be decreased. The system helps in preventing printing waste and reduce costs.

If you have a printing press or going to start one, then investing in an offset printing machine can be one of your best decisions.



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