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Structural Engineering Consultants Structural Design Consultants

Structural Engineering Consultants Structural Design Consultants

What is it about location that is so important for civil engineers…?

Now, imagine a scenario where you need to buy a place for yourself and you have two choices. One is in metro city where you will get place for yourself where there is balcony and the view is of buildings and roads full of vehicles but this place is near your workplace. Another option is a sea facing flat where you will be able to enjoy sunset everyday but choosing this will cause you much longer time to reach your workplace than the first option. Which one will you choose…? Of course you will have your priority and according to that only, you are going to pick the best one for you but you will definitely think twice before going for the options.

Same thing happens with every civil engineer everytime when a new project comes up and a location related problem appears because customers need a convenient place at the end. Not only civil engineers or structural design consultants but also engineers of all disciplines need Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the very simple reason. That is to get the geospatial data which will makes projects faster, better, and more cost effective. Geographical location plays a very important role in the success of any project.

Geospatial engineering – this is one of the important aspects of structural engineering. Every object on this earth has its specific location and this location allows you to interact with multiple interdependencies. To study it briefly, the following are the ways. 

1. Finding a Context

your project has a location. Location includes grid coordinate, depth, height. Project can be a moving one so it includes coordinates in the location which is even more important to manage well. Having location allows you to discover, explore, analyse and communicate with its context of many delicate interdependencies natural environmental elements including both internal and external to the project elements. If you have consulted with any structural design consultants before then you must know about GIS. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is of course only one tool to prevent this structural chaos. It helps you to understand demography, geography,   geomorphology, utility grid issues, mobile phone pings of a moving population in order to get the data that you need to design your project. 

2. Layered insight

We have diversity in many ways at every place, in every city. So, to build any structure anywhere a structural examination has to be performed. The environmental check has to be oen. This is where GIS plays an important role. GIS can do many tasks in seconds like counting the trees with bat potential sit within 20km of a site or calculate the population who might suffer power outages in the event of substations also can figure out the energy use baselines for a whole town or identify every viewpoint impacted by work progress of a new road. This works in layers and provide you the data which is needed. 

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