The Four Biggest Benefits of Using a Wire Rope Sling

The Four Biggest Benefits of Using a Wire Rope Sling

Why might you buy one type of sling over another? The answer is actually surprisingly simple. The material and design of your rigging slings are important characteristics because they determine what you can lift in a given load. The specific material of your sling, whether it is synthetic, nylon, metal chain, or wire rope, plays a part in the maximum weight you can lift, the size of a load, and shape of the objects you can get off the ground.

Lifting slings, Despite the differences in capability and use that come with each type of rigging, most businesses want to find a sling that fits a majority, if not all, of their needs. One type that is definitely worth consideration for any business using cranes or other lifting equipment is a 4 Leg Wire Rope Sling, and there are four reasons why:

#1: The Quadruple Design Allows for Maximum Stability
When it comes to stabilizing an uneven or complicated load, a four leg design is going to be your best bet. Each of these four separate lengths of wire rope connect to a single master link on the crane or other piece of machinery such as a pulley system. The opposite end of each length of wire rope is then connected by hook to the object being lifted. This provides four points of connection on the object itself, which maximizes the stability of the load. In particular, the four leg design is fantastic when a load is shaped like a rectangle, square, or trapezoid.

#2: Users Increase Control with Quadruple Legs
Not only is the center of gravity increased when you utilize a four leg design, but other aspects of the rigging are similarly improved. Of course, it is important to prioritize these improvements based on the type of object or material you need to lift, but, generally, a 4 leg wire rope sling will be easier to control than other constructions and formats.

With four separate points of attachment and the weight more evenly distributed there is less concern for swinging, jerking, or other detrimental movements as the load is lifted. If you are moving bulky or complicated loads, this construction can help counteract and control minor mistakes in the speed or consistency of operating the rigging and prevent damage to your sling or rigging equipment.

#3: You Can Customize the Hardware and Components
Not only are 4 leg wire rope slings great for stability and elasticity, they are also easy to customize. These particular slings are most commonly fitted with eye latch hooks where the cables are connected to the load or object, but this can easily be modified. Many suppliers of slings and rigging will also provide separate components that will fit these wire rope slings. For example, a swivel rigging hook or traditional eye hook could be bought and attached to your wire rope sling.

This allows the user to lift more objects with a single type of sling and set of rigging. Plus, it is much easier to change the hook or end component on the four legs of the sling, than it is to take off and change the entire sling or rigging setup. There are also multiple chokers and thimbles available for a single type of wire rope sling, expanding a user’s options even more.

#4: Rope Wire Can Decrease Abrasions and Increase Flexibility
The best part of choosing wire rope is that it comes in differing sizes and diameters. As the rope is formed by twisting and intertwining several different pieces of wire to form a single, sturdy cable, it is possible to create wire rope slings of varying diameters or to use individual wires of varying sizes to create a similarly sized rope.

The change in diameter comes with its own set of unique qualities and characteristics. A wire rope made of wider individual wires will have less abrasion and resistance during use and simultaneously provide better flexibility. As a manufacturer reduces the size of the individual wires in the rope, the resistance to abrasions decreases and so does flexibility. The wire rope chosen for a sling is entirely dependent upon the user’s wants and needs.

Where to Find A Variety of Wire Rope Slings
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