Uses Of Gas Struts In Industrial Applications

Uses Of Gas Struts In Industrial Applications

Gas struts are versatile lifting mechanisms containing both liquid and gas. They are widely used in industrial applications for lifting, supporting, and moving heavy and bulky objects. They are popularly seen in a variety of door hardware configurations, but their potential applications are limitless. When we look around our everyday world, we can commonly find these struts in adjustable tables and chairs, vehicle compartments, small electronic devices, and easy to open panels and hatches. As their name suggests, these struts make use of pressurized gas and you can use some oily lubricant to support the intended external force.

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Technically speaking, standard struts are used to support moving objects, and limit or control motion. That being said, let’s find out how these structs actually work, and which types are more appropriate for which roles.

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Working Of Gas Struts

Struts are available in a variety of components and configurations, and the one you choose depends on your intended use. Those found in a vehicle compartment are set up differently than those you would see in electronic devices, doors, chairs, and industrial platforms. But all of them have certain key things in common. To understand how these struts work, it’s better to have a look at a standard tire pump of a bicycle. Like most of the manual pumps, gas struts also have a rod and piston mechanism that pass back and forth via a tight-fitting tube. However, instead of an open-ended tube, the cylinder of a struct is sealed, which the gas present inside stays constant.

This strut has a piston that allows a certain amount of gas to pass through or around it, as a result of which the internal pressure remains balanced. Since the gas flow is not that easy through the piston, the force can be easily adjusted to let the device move in a particular direction. The overall gas pressure, fluid amount, and the gas flow determine which gas strut would be most suitable for your purpose.

Industrial Applications Of Gas Struts

  • Doors: Different types of doors can benefit from struts, including house doors, school doors, and office doors. Doors have traction so that they can open easily and close quickly when not in use. Access hatches and cabinet doors need opposite action, as they need to lift up weight easily and stay open until someone shuts them manually. In both cases, a locking gas strut is helpful in holding the door in place.
  • Cars: Some cars have multiple sets of gas struts in their different panels, hoods, and compartments. Most commonly, they are used in the cars’ boot lifting mechanisms. Nearly all estate and hatchback cars have struts in their rear assembly, which help in lifting, lowering, and supporting heavy tailgates easily and smoothly. Once it is up, they also help in keeping it in place. They are able to do extremely heavy weight lifting, and you don’t realize their importance until they wear out and stop giving the needed support.
  • Tables and Chairs: Gas struts are commonly used in office tables and chairs that need to be raised or lowered from time to time. You must have noticed that when you are sitting in the chair, the downward motion of the seat is cushioned, but when the chair is empty, it springs back to its position without any manual force.

Now that you know how gas struts work and what are their possible industrial applications, and you can search the ones that promise to deliver the best performance and durability. You can search such gas struts online to choose the best one.

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