What are Important Features of Stainless Steel Wire Rods

What are Important Features of Stainless Steel Wire Rods

The demand for wire rods is increasing day-by-day because of the wide applications it is used. Stainless steel wire rods are used in shipbuilding, agriculture, chemical, medical, automobile, food processing, and many other industries. Steel wire rods come in varied qualities of steel like stainless steel, carbon structural steel, bearing steel, spring steel, and many more. By using hot-rolled wire tying machines, steel wire rods are developed. Wire rods and wires come in extensive size ranges, features, and quality. The broad four categories are flexible wire rod, hard wire rod, welding wire rod, and allow steel wire rods. 

The basic properties to look into for stainless steel wire rods are its surface quality, dimensional accuracy, chemical composition, section quality, and metallographic structure, and a few more. The different category of wire rods and their special features are as follows:

  1. Low Carbon and Mild Steel Wire Rods – This has a very low content of tramp elements and low N2 content. It has a very good surface quality.
  2. Medium and High Carbon Wire Rods – This also has a low content of N2 and tramp elements. Special benefits are the customised grades with consistent property available for different applications.
  3. Low Carbon Wire Rods for Stick Electrodes – This has a low tensile strength with a high reduction area and superior weld property. 
  4. Wire Rods for Continuous Electrodes – These have a low content of sulphur and phosphorus, a high degree of cleanliness, and very good surface quality. 
  5. Cold Heating Quality Wire Rods – These wire rods have a uniform austenitic grain size and low content of N2, H2, and O2. These rods have very good surface quality.
  6. Alloy Steel Wire Rods – These rods are free from harmful defects and very low content of tramp elements. The benefits are high impact toughness and good forgeability.

Application wise the different products of stainless-steel wire rods are: 

  1. Welding wire (0.8 mm – 5 mm) – For electrode core wire, welding wire
  2. Cold Heading wire (2 mm – 16 mm) – For nuts, wood screws, machine screws, bolts, etc.
  3. Weaving/ Knitting wire – For nets, screens, conveyor belts, wire cloths
  4. Nail Wire (1.5 mm – 16mm)– for corrosion-resistant nails
  5. Tie wire (0.7 mm – 4.0 mm)– For fastening cables, fencing, and wattled walls. 
  6. Rope wire (0.10 mm – 12 mm) – For wear-resistant wire ropes
  7. Spring wire (0.10 mm – 12.0 mm) – For heat resistant wire springs, electronic appliances
  8. Redraw wire (0.7 mm – 5 mm) – For more fine and superfine wires
  9. Staple wire (0.8 mm – 1.6 mm) – For corrosion-resistant industrial staple
  10. Electro Polish wire (1 mm – 12 mm)– For pet cages, gill racks, kitchenware, etc.

Viraj is a leading stainless steel wire rod manufacturer in India which has a well-equipped factory for producing high-quality products for all types of wire rods varieties. Wire rods produced by Viraj vary from 5.5 mm to 39.5 mm and wires from 0.09 mm to 15 mm. The different grades of stainless-steel wire rods produced by Viraj are ASTM, DIN/EN, BS, NACE, GOST, AWS, and Electrode Grades. Their quality of stainless-steel wire rods is well established in the international market.

Some of the grades are ASTM: 201, 202, 303, 304L, 310S, 314, 316L, 410, 430L etc. For DIN/EN are 1.430l, 1.440l, 1.5470l, 1.4578, 1.4016 etc. For Electrode, grades are ER304, ER308, ER316L, ER347SI, ER420, etc. These grades come in different types of packaging i.e. basket spools, carton cases, corrugated drums, euro coil, and pattern layered coils packaging. The stainless-steel wire rod manufactured by Viraj is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). It has state of the art labs and testing facilities like Computerized Tensile Testing Machine, Bend Testing, Torsion Testing Machine, IGC Testing Facilities, PMI Tester, Radioactive Contamination Testing, and a few more. 

The above-mentioned classification gives an in-depth understanding of the stainless-steel wire rods. Stainless steel wire rods have varied grades and applications which should be considered well-enough before purchasing the right quality of them for your particular application usage.

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