Why Would You Choose a Single Girder Overhead Crane?

Why Would You Choose a Single Girder Overhead Crane?

An individual girder overhead crane is lightweight, more affordable, and for light to medium-duty lifting. However, it can do get some disadvantages.

To find out the pros and cons, read more! This post will also explain why just one girder overhead crane is preferable for light to medium-duty lifting. It can move a large load, along with its comparatively low weight can make it a great choice for light-duty work.

Disadvantages of any single girder overhead crane

Just one girder overhead crane features a few advantages over its double-girder counterpart. It is actually smaller, lighter, and possesses less structural complexity, so that it is a great selection for light to medium-duty applications. This kind of crane is particularly a good choice for lifting heavy objects for example steel, iron, and mining equipment. It will also support walkways, maintenance platforms, and magnetic reels. In comparison with double beam lifting cranes, single-girder cranes are simpler to customize and much less costly to setup and ship.


A single girder overhead crane is really a lighter option than a double-girder version. Single-girder cranes are designed for loads around fifteen tons, that is more than sufficient for many applications. These cranes can also be more customized, though customizing just one-girder crane may be expensive and difficult. Customers with unique requirements should consult with the company before purchasing a single-girder crane.


Single girder overhead cranes have several positive aspects. It really is lighter, requires less space, and costs less to buy than other types of cranes. They also are generally less expensive than other cranes mainly because they use electric hoists rather than a chain or a cylinder. These types of cranes are most frequently found in container yards and warehouses, and are best for heavy production. They can lift ten to twenty tons hourly and lift around fifteen feet at 65 percent with their capacity.

Better for light to medium duty

There are two forms of overhead cranes: single girder and multi-girder. One particular girder overhead crane uses an electric hoist as the lifting mechanism. These cranes have several positive aspects, including high handling speeds, exceptional geometry, and travel characteristics. While multi-girder cranes are better for heavy-duty operations, single-girder overhead cranes tend to be more effective for light-to-medium-duty applications.

More flexible

One particular girder overhead crane features a simpler, more compact structure, and is also easier to operate. Its single girder is backed by one particular beam and was created to be installed on the very same level because the ceiling. Its compact, lightweight structure makes it easy to move materials from a single place to another. Its drum is constructed of cast iron or a seamless steel pipe. It is equipped with a conical motor and rolling bearings at the front.

As you can tell, there will likely be numerous things one should consider before purchasing a Single Girder Overhead Crane. This will likely be a sizable expense for a corporation and you will need to make certain you buy the right crane. Bearing that in mind, you might like to speak to one of our experts for some good advice that will give you component of mind. Many reputable bridge crane suppliers have high-quality cranes for sale.

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