8 Ways To Build Influencer Marketing Strategies

8 Ways To Build Influencer Marketing Strategies

Influencer marketing campaigns involve activities that need to be planned and forethought. There are numerous benefits of influencer marketing, but the process can be complicated and confusing of setting up the strategy, launch, and manage. Research says that the process is time-consuming and the hurdles involved in getting started led a lot of marketers to stop, which resulted in a failed campaign. 

A well-planned influencer marketing strategy helps the brand to increase the exposure, build authority and connect with the audiences that are widespread. Confluencr- An Influencer Marketing Agency, operates closely with the brands and influencers to generate the effective influencer marketing strategy that will cultivate high impacts. 

Influencer marketing can take considerable time, so you want to ensure that you are using your time in the most effective manner. It makes sense for you to first map out an influencer marketing strategy. Let us go through ways in which Influencer Marketing Agency build effective strategies for various campaigns –

What Is The Objective- 

Before beginning the process, the foremost thing in the checklist is to set the objective. A marketer and an influencer need to know what they have to do. Knowing the objective will make the process of making strategies easier as it will segregate the to-dos and don’ts. Without the objective, it is improbable to measure the success of the campaign. Also to note that the goal should be planned in a SMART layout so as to be concise (Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound). This is the essential element of a good goal. 

Determine Your Audience- 

It is necessary to know who the brands need to influence. The tighter and specific the audience is, easier it is to find people who are relevant to influence them. Once the objective is set, it will funnel down the people who will be targetted.

Shortlisting The Right Ambassadors – Influencer!

Businesses undertake influencer marketing to widen the reach of their content related to the product and services. Over the years, businesses created ads promoting the products, but people nowadays can see right through them. Instead, now, consumers rely on the recommendations. 84% of consumers rely on online recommendation rather than the adverts for making the purchase decision.

Approach The Influencers

Brands can choose the right influencers with a little effort, but connecting to that particular person is a task. There are high chances that influencers don’t respond due to higher demands. Here are 3 main ways in which we can approach the influencer- 

  • Signing up to the platform which has databases of the potential influencers for the campaign. Platforms such as AspireQ, Upfluence, etc. have integrated search and discovery features along with much more. 
  • Working with a specialist influencer marketing agencies helps to assist with finding the right influencer for the brand. 
  • Lastly, going through the influencer identification manually, gradually building up relationships.


Right influencers can help in shaping the content strategy that will most engage with the target audience. Also, they help to detect the language that customers speak to make the content effective. 

Being Up To Date With The Relevant Issues In The Niche. 

Following the content and conversation of the influencers with their audience is vital as it helps to determine what the niche is talking about and what they want. This helps in building the strategies and the content that will have an effective impact. 

Tracking And Optimising 

Once the campaign is live, it is in the hands of the consumer’s reaction to it. All the brands or influencers can do is monitor through fintech regulatory compliance and optimize the ongoing campaign. Keeping a close eye on what is working and what is not gives the chance to make adjustments in the process for better results. 

Measuring The ROI

When setting the goals, should be in such a way that measuring the results is achievable. Measuring the ROI is vital as it gives the benefit of knowing what works and what not works for future reference. Determining the impact of the campaign is also a way in which brands can strategies their next steps in their objective. 

Confluencr – A leading Influencer Marketing Agency with a large influencer network manages the brands and the influencers in carrying out the effective campaign for their product and services. Keeping track of all the conversations in the market, it intends to build the right strategies for a greater impact. 

Thus for both the brands and the influencers, it is optimum to consider all the factors while determining their campaign strategies.

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