How Brands Use TikTok For Marketing?

How Brands Use TikTok For Marketing?

TikTok seems more used in 2019 when compared to the before. They may be some who might not have used TikTok, But they will have come across any one of the TikTok videos in other social media applications. In 2019 they were above 33 million times downloads, which have proven as a sensational application where you can market depending upon the demographics. 

What Is TikTok? 

First, it was known as Musically which is similar to TikTok, Musically allows to create short videos. Vine application is not reached as TikTok, but they are identical and create a video for 60 seconds. TikTok has a huge number of editing and filter options with a short TikTok video for a minimum of 15 seconds and 60 seconds for the looping videos. 

Who Uses TikTok Mostly?

TikTok is popular among teens and if your brand target comprises of tennis and young adults. Research says most of the users are below 25, and 40% of the application users are below 20 and above 20 and below 30 are about 26% of the user base. 16.8% of the people above 40 years are using the TikTok, whereas 10.2% of the users are above 30 years. And the beginning of the TikTok, there were mostly female users than the male. Now they are 56% of the male users, 44.4% of the female users. 

Creating content On TikTok 

Tiktok was initially known for the lip-synching application, where there are many ways to use the application to create the content. 


You can also upload videos that are created from different sources. The video duration is between 15- 30 seconds, whereas you can edit and join the videos and make it for 60 seconds. 


 If you’re using the viral songs on the video with a unique way of delivering it then you’re at the right place for the streaming platforms. It would help if you found the right music for the video. 


TikTok has many advantages to show you’re talents. Duets, you can make the video of other trending videos with the same reactions or dance or a pairing with the dialogues you can make videos. Many create unique videos that are like signing together. To engage the videos, you post on the feed, buy TikTok views to skyrocket your views. 


 TikTok has a huge number of options, which makes the videos more unique with adding filters. You can also add filters to the video time effects, emojis, and many more as the video required. 

Live Streaming

TikTok has live streaming options like other social media platforms. Live streaming helps to interact with users. Users can create content on their own to interact.  

Brands Using TikTok

Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag challenges are making a video, which is a challenge where others will participate in the challenge. You create the videos in a funny or in entertaining way. Some of the challenges are very popular on TikTok. Brands come up with influencers with the creative challenges which involve their products. The most trending challenges are #tumbleweedchallenge and #inmydenimchallenge, which was made many to participate in the challenges.

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