10 Best Mobile and Email Marketing Services in 2019

10 Best Mobile and Email Marketing Services in 2019

Technology might have flourished immensely, yet evidently, the mobile service market has fostered like none other. Further, even the email marketing options available to the consumers are now accessible to them in abundance. You should know about some of the today’s best overall mobile and email marketing options available.

More than 94% of the population check their emails on phone and mostly do not opt to open their laptop or PC to separately check their mails. The most highly preferred email provider on mobile devices is Gmail. To make lofty profits upto $0.40, that is, 4 times greater as compared to desktop e-mail click, mobile devices are used. It is now conventional enough to still think of desktop email marketing as a strategy.

  1. Concise Subject Line for Mobile – This is the first step to catch the attention of the user of the mobile device. It is pertinent to keep the subject line as precise and clear as possible. The consumer is quick to swipe than to stick and read a big paragraph about your new business offers and sales. The subject line could be made eye-catchy, by way of use of emoji and exclamatory marks. Even highlighting the offer could fetch you their attention.
  2. Don’t send Trash – Most mails are deleted by people. This is because they find the mails starting with “Congrats on your funding!”,  etcetera. Such messages are not even opened by the mobile phone user. It is of pivotal significance that the body of the mail should also be as engaging for the reader. You should know how to create a content which is engaging and not trash.
  3. Offer Compelling Reasons to them – If there isn’t any motivational factor to persuade the consumers, he would not be willing to open his spam mail. If the mail itself is not opened, there would be no chance of buying your services. You get around 2 seconds of time. This is the most crucial time as either your mail could be deleted or read. There only lies one captivating reason which tells the consumer how it is beneficial for them. It is when they are told why they should need a service and why it is trustworthy. You should plan your strategy accordingly. Offer only such promises which you can fulfill.
  4. Designer Templates – The ready-made template for mobile can be used to let customers be engrossed in the themed templates. The template choice can be decided according to festive offer, national holiday offer, end of season sale, or new arrivals offer, etcetera. Such themed templates attract the consumers.
  5. “From” as Expected – Thus if the “from” in the mail is not from the brand expected, then he may not necessarily be interested to even check it. In such cases, your email marketing would fail even if the mail appears attractive.
  6. Spacious Clicking – By keeping the mail spacious, there would be better clicking chance by customer. Many-a-times, customers get frustrated upon clicking on the wrong button as the screen of a mobile device. Chances are that the incorrect option or link might be clicked, which would take them to some irrelevant URL or site. Thus, big spaces allow them to make the right click.
  7. Contrast of Colors – Beautiful to the eye, are the contrasts in the sky!If there are vibrant colors which make the mail look flowery and attractive, the customers are more likely to open it. And this would ensure that they would check what’s in the mail. Make use of high Pixel quality color contrasts to highlight the mail. Contrasting colors doesn’t mean it should be paint to the eyes of the viewer. For instance, fluorescent color can be refrained from use. Instead gradients can be put to use.
  8. Do Not be Blocked – Approximately 99.99% of email accounts use spam filters and the messages which ever reach the inbox are barely 28%. Thus make sure you do not make use of such words or phrases which trigger the spam filters. To get a message quality check is recommendable. This would help you to improve the spam score before sending it to the mobile audience.
  9. Pilot Survey – As it is well said that first impression lasts, it is better to get the mail tested before it is out in public. Your carefully planned business strategy can also fail to provide you the desired result due to some minor defect or the other. Optimize your mail, check uniformity, and check if there are any link breakage, etcetera. All such activities must be taken care of before sending it to the customers.
  10. Personalized Mail – What is considered to be good marketing? When the mail is generated in such a manner that the receiver of such mail is able to relate at some emotional level with the mail. And this provokes him to immediately avail the service offered in the mail, it is the outcome of good marketing. It should be understood that you are dealing with household customers. They have emotions and values, and they are not to be treated like robots who’d take in logical commands. The emotions in the mail could be that of happiness, respect, celebration, or some kind of childhood memory, etcetera. This would trigger the reader to immediately apply for the service offered.

With external economic factors as well, such as higher disposable income, consumers do not bother spending some for a slightly better feature in the mobile version. There are many avenues open for today’s best overall mobile and email marketing options to reach the consumers. Providing sheer facilitation of service is not appreciable when the market is flooding with the best services available all around the world. From selling to marketing, the world has come a long way in defining, refining and redefining what shall be the best for their consumers. But only the consumers can tell what is best for them. It is advised to take aid from the experts. The people at L & D Mail Masters remain well-aware of latest technology. They can help you provide the best mobile and marketing service.

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