8 Actionable Tips To Boost Client Intake For Law Firms

8 Actionable Tips To Boost Client Intake For Law Firms

Are you an attorney who has just started an independent practice? Then you must be wondering how to get new cases. Here we are providing some helpful suggestions to improve client intake for law firms. These tips can be used to create and implement a powerful digital marketing plan which can help you win more clients. Every legal practice area has become crowded and it has become even more difficult for new attorneys to establish themselves. However, unlike the real world, the digital space allows them to compete on equal terms with bigger and well-entrenched rivals. The tips discussed here will not only be helpful in attracting more people towards your practice but also in converting them into clients. Let’s see how you can build an effective law firm internet marketing plan.

1. Focus On One Practice Area Initially

New law firm owners must focus on one practice area during the initial phase of executing their marketing plan. This will help in establishing themselves in one domain before they can use their reputation to attract clients in other areas. Even attorneys who are offering their services in a single area can use the strategy and focus on a specific niche. For instance, if you are a personal injury lawyer, then you can try to target only construction injury cases in the beginning.

2. Use SEO To Appear In Relevant Searches

It has become second nature for people to log on to the internet for finding solutions. Anyone needing a lawyer will first try to find one using a search engine. This makes it necessary to use search engine optimization so that your firm appears in related searches. You must target keywords related to your area of expertise and location. However, you will need to have a versatile strategy as Google shows only about 10 organic results on the first SERP. The rest of the space is occupied by paid adverts and the local 3-pack. We will talk about how to target all SERP locations later in this post.

3. Target Multiple Social Media Platforms

Social media has become a vital marketing tool with brands using it to boost user engagement. Attorneys must use social networks to engage their audience as well as win new clients. They must target multiple platforms to maximize their results. It will be pertinent to identify the channels preferred by your potential clients. For instance, if you are an IP lawyer targeting artists, then Instagram must be a part of your strategy. Moreover, you must be active on LinkedIn which is a professional platform apart from Facebook and Twitter which attract all kinds of users.

4. Run E-mail Marketing Campaigns To Engage Potential Clients

Boosting client intake for law firms can be an uphill task as not everyone who visits your website will convert into a client. Even people who take the conversion action like submitting a contact form, may not hire you immediately. You need to engage your potential clients with drip e-mail campaigns. Provide informative content to your audience which clears their doubts. Use e-mail marketing solutions which will enable you to send automated messages at regular, pre-defined schedules. Engaging people by educating them will help in building trust and they will be encouraged to hire your agency.

5. Invest In Paid Search Ads To Target Prime SERP Positions

Conduct any Google search and chances are the top positions will be occupied by paid ad results. SEO will always remain an effective strategy helping you to build a strong online presence. However, as we mentioned before, you need a versatile strategy to target prime SERP positions. Invest in paid search adverts by targeting relevant keywords. You can use pay-per-click (PPC) ads which mean that you need to pay only when a visitor clicks on your advert. This will help your firm in appearing on top of related search results.

6. Create Optimized Google My Business Listings

It is now time to know about another aspect of a versatile SEO strategy. You must have created a Google My Business listing for your firm. Remember that the name, address, and phone number of your firm mentioned in the listing are exactly the same as they are on other platforms. Include the practice areas you are targeting in the service fields of your listing. An optimized listing can help you appear in the local 3-pack which is another prime real estate on SERPs.

7. Use Blogs To Build Your Firm’s Reputation

Blogging is an essential activity for people looking to optimize their websites for search engines. Marketers target keywords while providing valuable content so that they appear in related searches. However, blogs are helpful in building up the reputation of an entity. Make sure you provide helpful information on topics that the target audience is interested in. Keep publishing regular posts on subjects related to your practice area and slowly but surely the audience will start recognizing you as an authority in your domain.

8. Build Professional Relationships To Generate Referrals

Even in today’s digital age, referrals remain a good source of new business for attorneys. Almost every lawyer depends on past clients to get new referrals. However, you must build professional relationships with not just other attorneys but also with experts in related services. For instance, corporate lawyers can team up with chartered accountants as they cater to the same audience.


Improving client intake for law firms is difficult but not impossible. Legal practitioners need to have a well-defined strategy in place to target their audience and project their firm in a favorable manner. You can use the actionable tips mentioned here to devise an effective plan to get more clients.

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